The “anti- Romeo Squad ” A , Disrespect To Shakespeare

Posted by Bloom Charles
April 4, 2017

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I know its a bit late but I was just pondering over the “anti-romeo squad ” and I was wondering what are these people targeting ? Who was romeo ? He never harassed anyone he was loyal and loved juliet till death , he was a character of Shakespeare’s masterpiece “Romeo and Juliet ” . Well its an amazing play , and the pioneer of love dramas , every now and then we say ‘arey yaar the story is another romeo and juliet ‘ It is a tale of a love so pure , that life was secondary to their love . I think Romeo deserves respect , I think when we say anti romeo squad we disrespect shakespeare , all those studying or have studied in ISC know the importance of Shakespeare , we literally have to mugg up all his lines from our course book , and I have developed a certain respect for him due to all those long hours of studying.
what are they saving us from ? a love jihad ? or just ‘love in general ‘ if India is so anti love , then why does Bollywood that earns loads of money , an Industry where still after so many years most of the films produced every year are romantic? If they are concerned about women ‘s safety , why not name them anti – harassment squads ?

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