The Ban Of Bans

Posted by naman kejriwal
April 15, 2017

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The Indian Government is planning to regulate the amount of food which is served at hotels to prevent wastage. This comes in the heel of the Supreme Court decision to ban the sale of liquor on highways. Why does the Government or the Court feel that we are stupid enough and cannot take wise decisions on our own? Why does it not rectify the problem but instead just finished the deed itself? This convoluted logic is like letting the patient die because when patient dies so does the illness. Using their bizarre logic there are many bans which can be imposed.
Like : 
Banning free thinking because it leads to protest against the govt.
Banning Shakespeare because no Romeo, no Romeo squads.
Banning food altogether because then no human waste will be generated and problem solved.
Banning construction because it will stop illegal sand mining.
Banning freedom because freedom gives happiness and being too happy is morally wrong.
Banning of fast foods , sweets and delicacies as they are harmful for health.
Banning of movies and televisions because they promote western thinking which is harmful.
Banning of weddings because weddings lead to divorces.
Banning of paper because we need a green planet and need to save trees.
Banning of cars because car exhaust can pollute the Earth.
Banning of drinking water as water is in short supply.
Banning of playing as playing can cause injury.
Banning of couples as couples procreate and bring children and we must reduce population.
Banning women from entering the world as no women no abuse.
Banning sleeping because sleeping is unproductive.
Banning dancing because it puts pressure on knee joints.
Banning religion because no religion no terrorism.
Banning love because no love no hate.
Banning the right to live freely because you have to die anyway so why live?
I am sure after much thinking the government will be able to think of many such bans. I just wish that the Courts and the Government stop being the father figure and keep telling us what is right or wrong. The children (citizens) can figure out things for themselves and do not need the Government. The Government is here to govern and not cause problems. Do they even realize that banning things is the complete opposite of freedom in a democracy? Do they even realize what a democracy means? What freedom means? I doubt it. 
It is high time that the powers to be mind their own business and let people live in peace. Let there be only one ban and that of bans itself. Let the citizens be free to make their own choices and learn from them. Let them not ridicule India in front of the world. For once.

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