The Curious Case Of Indian Diversity

Posted by vipin bisht
April 11, 2017

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India is such a happening country where news channels are nothing but a source of entertainment. I had a dream of watching cartoon network with my father but he never liked my choice of cartoons such as dexter’s laboratory, tom & jerry or popeye. Eventually, I started liking his choice of cartoons who make noise in the parliament and sometimes disrupt the proceedings of parliament. Now I’m fulfilling my dream of watching cartoon channel with my father and watch “news channels” sometimes.

My recent favorite cartoon said in a media interview “we’re not racist, we live with black people of South India”. This comment came after an African student was beaten up badly in the capital region of India. Stereotyping is Indians’ favorite thing to do like, all south Indians are “Madrasis & Black” ( South India has 5 states i.e, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana (Telgaites), Tamil Nadu(Tamilians), Karnataka (Kannadigas) & Kerala(Malyalees) just for an example: Aishwarya Rai Bacchan is from Karnataka, no more explanation needed), all north Indians are “Arrogant, Loud & manners-less” (Amitabh Bacchan, a man of class, is from Allahbad, Sharukh Khan is a Delhite,  no more explanation needed). Nelson Mandela once said “the first and foremost step to stop racism is stop talking about it”. I add one more line to it, “the second step to stop racism is stop stereotyping”.

I’m proud to be an Indian and the love the diversity of it. From Kashmir to KanyaKumari & From Gujrat to Manipur, it’ll take one proper lifetime to know all these cultures and learn life from them. We have one thing in common in every culture, we know how to celebrate and cherish each moment of our lives. From Dandiya to Jagoi and all the folk dances like Kathakali, Bharatnatyam, Bhangra, all teach us one thing, celebrate life, dance to the tune of happiness. We have many languages within our own country and learning them all will take a good amount of life’s time. But trust me it’s so much of joy when you are able to communicate with an individual, from different culture, in his native language and if he reciprocates well with you, speaking your language in between ahh!! that’s an amazing feeling. You feel proud not because you know the language but you live in a country that has such varieties but still it is “AKHAND BHARAT” and you’re part of it. This is diversity which has one common aim, Peace & Happiness.

As a North Indian, we tend to find it difficult to adapt in south India but I always found it easy to adjust with my south Indian friends who tried to understand me as a person and not on the basis of my religion or ethnicity. I reciprocated well with them. They all have a common opinion about me “I’m loud, I look arrogant but I’m not, I’m harmless & sweet”. I also have same kind of opinion for them “They’re silent, intelligent and most humble people I have ever seen in my life”. This trait is something I’m also trying to implement in my own life. In between of all this love among me and my friends from across the country, we get to listen a cartoon commenting something racist. This doesn’t only disturb the harmony but ignite the fire of “stereotyping” & “hatred”. I feel ashamed that someone who was chosen by people like us, has such a take on the beautiful Diversity of India. If his intentions were not wrong then he clearly lacks the art of public speaking which indicates he’s not fit to be a leader.

Changing our thought process is need of the hour. Deal with every person individually not on the basis of his or her community, language, caste, ethnicity or religion. Bharat Mata Ki Jai!!!!!!

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