The Daring Truth

Posted by zak
April 7, 2017

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THE DARING TRUTH                                    

The rhetoric expression being conveyed by whole of the superior authorities towards the gigantic , multilingual, pluralistic and secular country of the world that is India . My country rather I would say ours a strong belief of justice , sovereign , fraternity and harmony are the words to be read in preamble but doesn’t exist in real picture that has been created over a period of 69years of independent India . Still the problems on basic amenities is countering the development agenda of this substantial nation. Lots of scheme are implemented  not  only for the well being of countries citizen but also for conducive growth in the wealth of these political crawlers, those of whom are having an urge of greed towards treasury of government like the ant having urge towards jaggery . Promises made in the piles of portfolio and manifestos launched at the time of something that is denoted and pronounced in our country as election which is a root cause for a country to be democratic .  A dream of becoming a developed nation in 2020 is obscure , as unprecedented measures are being taken by the present government in form of stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender in order to seize all the black money floating in the economy. Statement of cashless and cash free economy are meant to be great ideas on an oral evidence, but truth is somewhat far more distinct from reality. As we considered our self a modern society, a society free from biases over rich and poor differences, regional  parity and equal distribution of income, but  then also a large chunk of population slept with empty stomach, caught in poverty , illiterate and totally stunt.  Above  mentioned  factors  are the constraints  that  our  country  face  and even  now   the  process of  selling  dreams  that  is  practise  by  every  party  is  seems  to  be  endless. A distracting mirage  of  assurance  and  commitment in the  manifestos  is  just  a  political gimmick  that  languish the  roots  of this  pluralistic  country.

In support  of  these  claims  that  are  based  on  optimal  references and  statistical  coherence,  one  can  say  that our  country  is  trounced  by  the  system  that  prevails  and  everyone  is  responsible  for  it  from a layman to  a  dignitary . These  daring  truths   can  be  converted  into  reality  only  through the  decisive  measures  that  a  system  takes  and masses  follow. Every  incumbent government that  comes   should  provoke  the  citizens and  system  to  work for  the goal  achievement as  followed  in Japanese  philosophy (a country  nuked of  atrocious  attack   and  become  developed   within  no  time) . The  transformation  of  a  third  world  country  into  a  developed  nation  can  only  be  possible  as  if   the  agenda  of  basic  obligations like  poverty  , employment ,  illiteracy ,  malnutrition ,  child labour  etc  are  being  tackled  first, rather  than  adopting  the  policies  that  are  followed  by  major  economies  of  the  world  and  implement  in  a country  where  instability  occurs in  political ,  legal and economic  environment. All  these  truths  are  bitter  enough  to  realise , but  the  dreams  that  we  project  has to be  converted into  a  daring  reality. As  it  is  rightly  said  by  our  former  president Late  Dr. APJ ABDUL KALAM  “ you  have  to dream  before  your  dream  comes  true”. Finally  with these  objectives  in   mind we  can  say  to  the rest  of the  WORLD  that  we  are  coming.



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