The Elysian Project

Posted by Megha Sharma
April 13, 2017

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It’s happening on 15.04.2017 Saturday
Cafe De Art, Connaught Place, G Block


Hi! My name is Megha Sharma. I am a 20-year-old media student. My attendance is somewhere in-between 80-90 percent and I am quite fair in my studies too. It happened during my second year of college when I tried to recreate a geometric dreamcatcher from the internet, then I recreated a Buddha painting and uploaded it on my Facebook profile. It got good response and then I started recreating artworks from the internet. Yes, my art started by imitating but I’m a firm believer that if you don’t imitate, you won’t learn and find about your style. It’s been two years since I started with art and there’s no looking back.

I have always believed in the quote that goes: “Art is my only salvation from the horror of existence.” I lost someone very close to me in January 2016 and only and only my art helped me. I made paintings when I couldn’t write anything and doodled when my mind was a mess. Art has helped me get through the most difficult times of my life. My mind was a mess and all I painted were galaxies and more of them.

As an artist, I always wanted to conduct an exhibition of my artworks. But I thought that I’ll do it once I have learnt a lot of art and I’m 27 or 30 years old. But I got the opportunity to do it now, at 20 years of age! And God knows (if there is any) that I’m terrified and nervous and everything. But I’m also happy, this is such a big moment for me and I have literally so many people to thank. The most prominent problem wee the finances. I am student with no freelance job so I had zero money, and at that point I thought of giving up. But I didn’t. I put up a poster on social media stating my purpose and asking for help. I have designed logos and posters and comics and doodles for people just to raise money for this. The poster was shared by many people and I was able to earn Rs 10,000/- from this campaign.

And now, I’m finally doing it. I’m finally conducting my exhibition. It’s called ‘The Elysian Project’. The paintings displayed will be watercolour paintings on one common theme which is: Happiness. Happiness can mean anything to anyone, a sunset, flowers, blue sky, anything. So through my artworks, I have showed different meanings of happiness. The exhibition is going to take place on 15.-4.2017 at Cafe De Art, Connaught Place, Delhi from 12Pm to 4PM.

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