The Face Of Naba Sarania Alias Hira Sarania And His Illogical Arguements On Bodoland.

Posted by Bikash Bodosa
April 28, 2017

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Hello liberals and Boro revolutionary brothers, let us discuss a glimpse of Naba Saraniya alias Hira Saraniya the most gruesome ULFA rebel and presently the MP from Kokrajhar(ST) Lok Sabha seat…Few things in brief details:
1. He was wanted in the maximum number of extortion cases in parts of lower Assam of which the latest being the murder of a Marwari businessman from Guwahati and chopping of his body parts and dumping it on the Brahmaputra river, which later led to his arrest and recovery of an automatic rifle from his possession. Motive was money.

2. When in a war like situation the Pakistani citizens will take their side, Indians will take theirs, it’s immaterial who is correct. Will any Citizens from both the countries seek the truth as to who is right, definitely not. If an Indian says India is not right even if India is wrong then he will be termed anti- national and traitor because it’s war. In the similar manner being enjoying the privilege of ST by the kokrajhar MP and switching sides is an act of the traitor. It would be well appreciated when he tries to raise the issue liberally. What people see him now is like the asuras trying to drink the amrit by becoming devta in disguise. Who the hell sacrificed for his privilege of being an ST, obviously some ST revolutionary did. So it is an insult to those revolutionaries who sacrificed their luxuries so that we can enjoy. The kokrajhar MP is no exception.

3. His say on Bodoland issue is quite interesting , I quote,” jetiyale moi MP hoi thakim tetiyale moi Bodoland hobo nidiu.” Ami aitu bujim neki je MP term hekh huar pasot jodi Boro xokole kiba apunak bhal offer diye tetiya” Boro Harini Jwi ” kobo apuni. Ami bhabiloi baidhyo hoisu karon apuni ULFAt thaki poisar bhoral pale aru kole sovereign Assam zindabad, tar pasot Oboro Surakha Samiti ye MPr offer dile aru tar pasot apuni Indian democracyr pujari hoi porile karon apuni jetiya ceasefire ot ahile poisar bhandar tu hukabo dhorile aru murder, extortion ot namile frustrated hoi. Eneke apuni sadhin Axom gorhibo ulaisile. Poisa aru khubidha palei mot kholoni kora bhondo nohoi janu apuni? Bodoland support koru buliu kobo apuni jetiya 1ta bhal offer pai. Apunalukor dore dumukhiya niti grohon korake sagoi ULFAt  sthan nidiye, heikarone aji apuni dikhohara, karon apunak lage keijonman raij,jatey leadergiri kori thakibo para jai ..Apuni kak represent kore? Keijonman khubidhabadi bhondo neta jar sole motive hol to fool the common public and be in Power. Boro, Oboro bibhajon kori election kune khelise ami dekhisu, raije dekhise…

4. Naba Saraniya how would you feel when the tribals are provided with the rest of Assam and the rest i.e. your people are put in a suffocational setup like BTC ? Would you accept then ? Infact you can’t even digest the existence of the lollilop called BTC. Fanatics like you created unrest in the name of ULFA then and now as a MP you are doing the same.

5. Naba Saraniya what is your identity? Agreed Assamese. But what sub-category? Ahom, Sonowal, Deori, Mishing, Boro, Rabha ,what are you? Apunar karone khub dukh lage. Apunar fate ba obosta tu baduli type hoi najai tu? Badulir ki hoisile janei nohoi?

6. For Boro revolutionary brothers:” ami ghenta 1jon MP khatir nokoru” Andhra assembly t resolution loisile je Telengana nidiu but atiya ami palu ne Telengana as a new State. Frustationot bohute bokiboi, don’t pay any heed. Ami janu ami ki koribo paru, bhuki thoka manuhburok keneke deal koribo lage.

7. Oboro Surakha Samiti apunaluke jitu 1ta jatir proti jehad ghokhona korise apunaluke jana dorkar je ami common Boro public buro deprive hoi asu government policies pora , kin2 ami differentiate koranai, development amar secondary issue, main hoise identity crisis. Apunaluke je political vengeance fear kore ami janu , jitu beya kori thoisile je heitu apunalukor logot huatu bhoi kore, sinta nokoribo Bodoland India te thakibo, democracy buli bostu 1ta ase..

8. Hira Saraniya apuni koise “gana vote” , houk but tat okol tribal xokole vote koribo karon apunar dore sovereign Assam bisara bilake ketiyao liberally vote nokore aru jihaitu ami “Bhoomiputra” ami decide korim ki hobo lage, don’t force us. We are questioning the very identity of people like you who claim themselves as the moral representative of this state.

9. Sujit Narzary our first martyr is said to killed when a stone hurled by the miscreants hit him but we know who the miscreants are and what ideology they believes in.

10. Boro revolutionary brothers steady your hearts, prepared for the worst ,we are not here to compromise with anything other than Bodoland.
-Borosa Derhasar, Long Live Revolution..

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