The Future Generation

Posted by Inammasroor1
April 1, 2017

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If the parents really want their children to grow up into members of a righteous society, they should remember that mutual relationships between husbands and wives are going to play an important role in the making or breaking of the character of their children. The younger generation as a whole must be treated with love, kindness and respect. For this rehearsal is needed, if the rehearsal is perfect, result of actual play will be perfect and flawless, it means, exemplary mutual respect and love among husband and wife should be there at first which will be also observed by the children later on. If the rehearsal which is in itself is also a real play is worse, same will be your treatment with your children and the result will be vice versa.

It is strongly felt that had the parents discharged their responsibility to discipline their children more seriously associated with love and some sensible principles, there would be much less crime seen in the society nowadays. Hippyism, bohemianism, sadism, growing violence associated with sex and the return of sexual behaviour to its original, beastly, crude aspects are but a few examples. Filth should not become far more valuable than cleanliness. No generation should permit a gap to appear between it and the outgoing generation and between it and the future generation.

Last but not least, When you desire something vaguely, it may not influence your conduct significantly, but when you pray for it earnestly, then your conduct is bound to be influenced by that prayer. To illustrate this further, there are many amongst us who desire to be truthful but seldom is this desire translated into practice. Those who earnestly pray to God that He should make them become truthful, are influenced far more in their conduct by their prayer than those merely wishing for something vague. A genuine effort is made in moulding one’s behaviour for the better.

Let us try to bring a genuine change in us to create a bright and peaceful future for generations to come.

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