The Heart Of The Country- Farmers

Posted by Deepshi Khanna
April 11, 2017

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A lot of organisation are working for the children, women and elders, i appreciate it. We need to empower the women and kids, are the future of this country, elders have been an important part of our society. Our society is working for the development for all but in this race, we’ve forgotten someone who is essential. The one who provide us with food, they’ve been neglected for the longest time.

Today our country is able to feed a large amount of population still, there are people suffering from hunger. Where we are heading towards comfort and technology a part is still struggling for a living. The situation of farmers is really bad, suicide and loans for farmers are normal but work for them and their development, it is hardly seen. Where we are fighting for all other causes a few working for the farmers of the country and we hardly think about them, do we?

When we talk about mental health, depression, do we see a part where they are struggling with a lot of problems. Recently when i saw the condition of Tamil farmers, i got tears in my eyes. Is this we are working for? Heading towards nothing, we cannot feed the one who is feeding us. Yes, we think that it’s too hot because there is no rain or the roads will fill with water if it’s raining for 2 days but it never affected us in daily lives. On larger part, we have an Air conditioner to deal with summers and car or public transport to deal with water. We don’t need to put our feet in the dirt. Due to drought when farmers are not able to provide even basic festivities to their families do we think about them?

I don’t think so, i never did. I never gave money for agriculture, i never protested for the farmers even if i did for other social causes.  What role do they play in our lives?  i think a major one. Where media reaches after 3 days of protest and sometimes don’t even cover it because no one wants to see what problem they are facing. For our country so rich in heritage if our farmers sleep hungry for days,  we need to think again.

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