The Hushed Talk.

Posted by Stuti Sharma
April 28, 2017

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people need to stop. right here. making an innocent sanitary packet look like some secret weapon by hiding it under layers of opaque sunstances.

you go to a pharmacy , ask for a sanitary packet , and yeah offcourse be decent , don’t ask for it while men or too many of them are there , why ? because… it is not.. not what ?

not ethical ? not decent ? not a necessasity ? it is. a very very important necessasity. ask the ones who bleed on clothes , rags or grass. For godsake its the “21st century”.

why do you need to hide it ? whom are you hiding it from ? those people on roads ? half of them are your kind. suffering the same injustice.

firstly , its not like men are unaware.  Its being taught about. its high time it starts being *talked* about.

  • if you see a stain , dont whisper to your next about the scandal. because it is not. and if you have one , dont run and hide and lower your gaze like you just commited a crime. it is OKAY. you need to relax. a thing so essential to the human race needs not be boycotted in all discussions. be aware. talk about it. ask for help when needed. its just a bodily function. lets not make it a issue of SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE. 
  • sanitary napkins are not , in no sense a luxury. the government has levied taxes on them. and just for the record not on *bidis*, for they are a necessasity. The unhygenic conditions most women are put through , thats gross , not the blood. But then again , patriachy finds the reigns. the male dominated world prefers bidi over the health of the other half.

do not be ashamed. Its an integral part of womanhood ; and the other sex , take it easy. save your glares for the real criminals.

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