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The Problem Of Pakistan: How Should India React?

Posted by Abhijit Bey
April 15, 2017

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The whole of India had been left shellshock when Pakistan’s “banana” court gave a sudden death sentence to Kulbhushan Jadhav: a retired Navy officer turned businessman. He was sold to the ISI by the Taliban after being abducted from Iran. The Pakistani establishment defied all possible International Treaty including the “Vienna Convention” during the trial. They refused to give consular access to Kulbhushan Yadav 14 times as of now. They are yet to give the charge sheet and the judgment to India.

Article 36(1) of the Vienna Convention affords the following privileges to the consular officers of states for communicating with their national detained in another state: (a) consular officers can freely communicate with nationals of the state where the individual has been detained; (b) upon request of the detainee, the detaining state must immediately inform the consular post of the detainee’s state and (c) consular officers can visit the detained individual and arrange for legal representation.

But the question in Every Indian’s mind is: What should India do to next?
The Govt. doesn’t seem to have a clear blueprint against Pakistan and at times even looked clueless while dealing with the “terrorist state”. The govt. Instead is very keen on giving “most favored nation” status to Pakistan. What on earth will get loose if India cut off all diplomatic ties with Pak? Will we all starve to death? Even if we had to, we would have probably died with pride and a smile on our face.

When on the one hand we aspire to be a superpower and demand a place in the Security Council, the reality is that our Govt. can’t even take a stand against a state who trades with the Taliban; abducts one of our citizens and sentences him to death! Can’t we just for once and for all forget that there is one Pakistan to our neighbor and cut off all kinds of diplomatic and cultural ties. Why the hypocrisy on the part of the Govt. when it comes to Pakistan. Why does our rage always come down to Parliament speeches and “Kadi Ninda” and not reflect on our deeds? It is a said that “You are known for what you do not what you say.” So why does the Govt. who has raised a nationalist movement in our country only restricted to banning cow slaughter; why not put sanctions against Pakistan?

On the 3rd of Feb this year there was an Independent bill moved for discussion in the parliament called as The Sponsor of Terrorism Bill, 2016 to impose legal, economic and travel sanctions on citizens of countries which promote terror.

“We have diplomatic relations with the neighboring country which includes High Commissions as well as trade relations. It will be not prudent to declare any state as a terror state as India is bound by international norms,” said a senior government official.

Why can’t India, the world’s biggest democracy adopt a bill that declares a terror state as “terror state”? When any terror activity happens in India (The Mumbai attack, Pathankot, etc..) we go to the U.S and the U.N to declare Pakistan as a state sponsor of terror. When a bill comes in the U.S Senate to declare Pakistan a “State sponsor of terror,” it becomes breaking news and when it fails to pass we call Americans, hypocrites. Why the hell can’t we being the fastest growing economy take the first call? Why this hypocrisy? Why should we let the Pakistani terrorist kill our brave soldier? If we can’t solve one single issue and don’t have the courage to take a much more bold stand, do we deserve a place in the Security Council?
If we want to post ourselves as a powerful state, we have to take some brave and daring decisions.
It’s very evident that Pakistan is inciting violence in Kashmir. There was a time when our Prime Minister from the ramparts of the Red Fort praised the Balochi people for their support for India. Kulbhushan Jadhav is being accused of espionage and inciting violence in Baluchistan. So my question is why can’t the Govt. pass a bill and considering Baluchistan as a separate state and set up an exiled Govt. in India (As suggested by Subramanian Swami).

The bigger point is that we have a stable Govt. in power with a strong Prime Minister in Narendra Modi. Why can’t we take a high ground? Are we afraid of the so-called “International laws” which Pakistan rather vehemently defies?
When we did the “Pokhran” nuclear test, countries like the U.S, Japan had put sanctions against India. What is the situation now? They come begging to India to sell their goods. So, why they couldn’t break us apart? Because of the power of the billions. No country had the courage to face or force India; to put a break on our nuclear program because a billion people were right behind the Government. So, the excuse of “International law” might not go long and being a fence sitter might as well not show the actual potential of a Superpower state like India.

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