The pros and cons of a self-drive car rental

Posted by shweta
April 17, 2017

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Self-drive car rentals have gained considerable popularity as a concept over the past few years with commuters opting to rent cars for self-drive over the traditional way of hiring a taxi/ chauffeur driven cab at an increasing trend. While it is a much-evolved concept across many countries, self-drive car concept is becoming popular even in India. Hiring a self-drive car has its own set of pros and cons.

Pros of renting a self-drive car

  1. Ease of booking and picking up a car: Riding on the technology revolution, most car rental companies offer car bookings on their phone and web-based apps in simple steps. This makes it very convenient for commuters to book a car. Besides, there are multiple pick-up points spread across the cities from where one can easily pick up the vehicle.


  1. An array of options: One rent cars for self drive of their choice depending upon the need and budget. Self-drive cars are also the best and most affordable way to satiate your desire for driving multi-brand luxury cars. One can pick up a car based on the traffic situation of the location they are in, a flexibility which is absent in self-owned cars.


  1. Independence and privacy: The biggest advantage of a self-drive car is the independence it offers. One doesn’t need to be dependent on a chauffeur to take one around and is completely free to discuss business or personal matter without anyone listening in. Complete business, go shopping, take a long drive do anything, one is the master of one’s wishes in a self-drive car


  1. Ready to go: Usually, Hyderabad car rental services like Zoomcar provide cars with pre-loaded fuel, insurance coverage, 24*7 roadside assistance and other such value-added services to make the drive smooth and hassle free

Cons of renting a self-drive car

While there are innumerable pros of self-drive car rental, it has certain drawbacks, such as, that it cannot give you the pleasure of owning your own car. Also, senior citizens might not find self-drive cars very useful.

Another disadvantage is that the car is with you throughout the time period. Finding a parking spot when you don’t need the car can pose a challenge and given the traffic in cities. Some Providers like Zoomcar solve this dilemma by offering multiple parking lots across the city where one can park free of cost.

Having said that, the pros of renting self-drive cars out-weigh the cons and hence are quickly gaining popularity in the Indian market.

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