Posted by Sanskriti Kashyap
April 19, 2017

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I applied for a top college to study English honors after my twelfth. I was pretty much positive about the results but two weeks ago when results came out, it hit me like a ton of bricks, I couldn’t make it there. For some people it was just a bad stroke of luck but I went skeptical about my ability to study English. I declared my smite and began to feel like a schlemiel. Was it my failure? Am I a loser?
F Scoot Fitzgerald never received the regard and acclaim for his literaries during his lifetime ;they surfaced rejection from an array of publishing houses , but clutched posthumous badges and acclodes. He rose to prominence after his death. Today his novel “The Great Gatsby” is placed in the list of English literature masterpieces. So should we adjudge him as a failure?
Everyone is familiar with the widespread quote of Geeta “Abandon all the attachments to the results as your power is merely over your actions.” In sooth it’s hard to put up with this inevitable truth, majorly when you are facing a failure. Yet when you pore on it, the quote gives us a message to freed our emotions from the dillema of success and flop. Einstein as well guided that the real guerdon in performing an action is the pleasure of doing it. As long as the ribbons remain the focal point behind the intention of doing your work, you would never accomplish at it. Once our eyes centralize at the rate of perfection in doing our jobs,  the rest would be taken care of by itself. If we decide to fear failure, victory develops a fear for us that instant only.
Life works on the same principle as the nature does. Nature is always balanced by two opposite cores to bring harmony and equilibrium. Likewise it’s the ultimate truth of our life that we spin on the wheel of Fortune. If you are stepping at one element, the counterpart would arrive ultimately. Life – death, prosperity – adversity, delight – sorrow and success – failure they all are intertwined. It would be beneficial to free our soul from the phobia of loosing because it is a process of victory not inverse of victory. In fact we should value our flops more than our triumphs because the success gives us  cookies of materialistic pleasure that crumbles away as time rolls. But our failure? they reward us with ultimate experiences of enlightenment that last with us to our grave. Ain’t they?

It’s not that only failure woes us, sometimes victory costs our peace of mind as there is a very little room at the peak to stand. Charlie Chaplin once said, “When I was a mole, loneliness gripped me along, and now when I am a mountain, it has still gripped me uptight. ”
So what is required to be done to salvage ourselves from the web of success and failure? The only answer I can suggest is to rise above the fear of victory and defeat as contentment is the ultimate goal of your soul. Enjoy your works to its at most to bring the essence of perfection. And for pessimists, REMEMBER, the sun never dies, the tides never live, the storm never lasts long and the opportunities leading to your success never fades away, it just hides back sometimes.

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