The Treaty With Fear

Posted by naman kejriwal
April 10, 2017

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What I am about to post may seem bizarre and outrageous to many. I raise a topic which concerns all of us.

It is fear. I believe as soon as the kids start growing up they are unconsciously asked to sign a lifelong treaty with fear. I think children are born fearless because of their ignorance. They don’t know, hence they do not fear. But as time goes on the environment ( this being parents, teachers, friends, relatives,etc.) inculcate a life of fear for the children. I know you might say hold on, hold on man, what are you saying? Parents, teachers, society promote fear? Well, I say yes, indeed they do. How?? This is how it goes…

Look around yourself. Each and everything exists on the fear of others. You see the TV advertisements right? They show an educated looking mother saying this is best for the kid. This implies that if you don’t use this then you are not a good mother. Then all the mother’s fear creeps in and she uses it. Advertisements showing objects of desire like phones , gadgets, etc. ( the list is endless) , they are shown in such a way that if a person does not use them then maybe he is stupid, socially cut off, not cool, etc. If you use a hi-tech phone then you are a stud and can make friends. So you believe it is the phone which makes friends for you and so your fear of being alone rises and you go and buy the phone.

Then there are personal beauty products. I do not understand why they are hell bent on creating a nation of albinos. Beauty products cause more insecurity and fear than probably anything else. Physical beauty and a good self image is our basic desire , isn’t it? Hence they cause the most fear. The deodorant ads depicting a girl jumping on top of a boy as soon as a few sprays of deodorant are applied by the boy. So the single guy’s fear of being single is exploited and he buys the product. The face cream ads showing that as soon as the girl is white then the handsome boys will get attracted to her like iron to magnet. Which girl doesn’t want that? So the fear of not being appreciated by handsome boys climbs up and she does the painting on her face. I used to see advertisements and used to feel like breaking the T.V. Now I have devised a solution for it. I simply don’t watch television. It is mostly just non sense anyway. I wonder why you still watch it? You might think I have something against the advertisement industry. That is not the case. There are other fields too.

There are the politicians and priests. ( I am using priest. The priest can be off any religion. ) Both are the master manipulators of fear. The politicians promise a better future and the priests promise a better afterlife and the wrath of god if we don’t abide by their saying. My My are we scared!! Dear Earthlings, the future and the afterlife both don’t exactly exist , hence why fear it? The politicians create a fear of dependency. If you want progress you need me. If you want happiness you need me. This causes the people to flock to them and revere them. The politicians hint that there will be anarchy and no governance if they don’t exist. Who wants such a situation? Hence, Jai BJP! Jai Congress!

Now the lovely priests. The priests have attained expertise in this art. Their weapon , God and religion, has given them infinite power since time immemorial. Who wants to rub God the wrong way and ignite his fury towards you? I surely don’t. Then do as the priests say and you will be saved. Do as the priests say and you will have lived a moral life. Do as the priests say and your Titanic won’t sink. I mentioned religion too because if you are born in a certain religion and you choose to not follow it , your community will not appreciate it. You will be declared a misfit and be on your own. Being on their own is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence , religion is another weapon or another clause in the treaty. The priests show hell and grasp the reign of your fears into their hands and use it as they fancy for their own selfish interest. They tell a life not lived by the religious codes is immoral and unethical. You don’t want to be immoral , do you? Hence you follow the priest. The whole concept of religion and God is fear. I wanna say to all the priests and politicians. Rot in hell! Ah Haa! You got me. There is no hell , is there?

There is the healthcare and pharma industry. I might someday puke while seeing weight reduction products. There is no shortcut to weight reduction. Trust me. Also the doctors instill so much fear that we take our lives too seriously. It is just a burger, an ice cream, some good food ,have it. Enjoy the taste. You are gonna die someday. While health is important do not let it take away other joys of life. I won’t say much on this because while some doctors are bad, I feel the majority do have their heart in the right place. There are other professions too but I leave that for you to find out for yourself. Lets come to the most basic and important fears. They are major society related fears. Fears like what others might think about you. This is the king of all fears I guess. What will happen if you do out of the norm? Will you be termed abnormal? Will you be seen as insane? Will you be ostracised from the society? Is the road less travelled safe?

I say be insane. Be crazy. A well settled life is seen as secure and well lived by the society than a tumultuous life. I say boo hoo well settled. Life is insecure in itself. You can die any second. Life is fragile. Suppose you die the next moment. Game Over! Baam ! The insecurities, the fear, the plans, the schemes, the plots, the future and all the weird crap that we store in our brain , everything , gone in a jiffy! What remains? Why are we all so scared of life when life itself comes with no permanent guarantee? We live in constant fear and then we die. That’s it. That sums up the entire life of billions of people who have come and gone and who still live. The words maybe difficult to digest but don’t you now agree that the society injects fear in us? The parents and teachers are themselves victims of fear so how can they save their children? The solution? Let me assure you being alone, different, weird is not a problem.It is wonderful being one. Being a misfit or having a view which doesn’t get the audience to cheer is okay. It is not necessary to always conform. Rebel sometimes. Stop trying to garner attention and approval of people who frankly may not care about you. Start loving yourself as you are with your eccentricities. Do not sign that treaty with fear. Tear that treaty up and throw it out from your life once and for all. Do what you wanna do and last but not the least, CHILL OUT FOLKS!

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