The Wow ! Effect

Posted by Anurag Kumar Swami
April 26, 2017

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Surprise is something that we search for throughout our life. It embrace the feeling of excitement, Awareness and Joy. It also change the attitude through which we look into small things. For some people it is inbuilt and other needs to develop towards journey of happiness and joy.

When our mind moves from the stage of Sub consciousness to consciousness and then from consciousness to Super – Consciousness there comes a time when we ourselves generate a feeling which does not seek for answer all the time but surprise us from emotions rather than object. Let us try to understand it through an example eating ice-cream is an common phenomenal process there is nothing special in it but let’s say you always choose butterscotch flavor but someday you yourself want to shift from butterscotch flavor to strawberry which you have never tasted before and after tasting strawberry you are fully Surprised! And felt that Oh! Yes, this was something that I was looking for, although it requires shift from permanent behavior to innovative one but brings sense of excitement and learning which ultimately make your habit to try and taste new flavors.

We can say that it is not a quest for something better but it is quest for something new. The reason behind finding out this type of pattern is because whenever you try new things or task , you will find yourself into challenging mode and there your competition will not be from outside world but there you will fight with yourself and it doesn’t matter you will or loose but matter is that you took up the this challenge .

Trying new things is always good whether it is a sports, Dishes, clothes, Accessories give you feeling and chance to introspect and find out your hidden potential.

There are some things which you can try in a day to get Wow! Effect

1. Try some new adventurous sport like paragliding or mountain climbing.

2. Giving a phone call to your old or childhood friend.

3. Searching old photo album of your family and looking yourself as a kid.

4. Listening to some new music which you have never tried before like Jazz, Pop, Classical etc.

5. Not using mobile and internet for a day.

This are some small task you can do to get the Wow! Effect which will rejuvenate yourself and others too .

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