Transgender inequality

Posted by Arziee
April 7, 2017

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‘Transgender inequality’ is Something we all are aware off. In a country like India we have often seen Ppl with trans-sexuality asking for money from Ppl at the lights.

we never hesitate to give them money because we are aware of the fact that they don’t really have any source of income other than begging and 1 2 more things. We know that they don’t easily get jobs so we don’t even think for sec to give them money.


Although nowadays there are rights reserved for transgender community but either they don’t have awareness or some Ppl don’t let them use it. I don’t know why but there are Ppl (especially their families) who don’t accept transgenders which is not right.


I k changes take Time but there are some things we can do at personal level so that this world can change fast. We can keep transgenders for household work , offer them jobs in our own place work, teach them n etc.


 Don’t u think for them employment, self respect, dignity and acceptance are of equal importance just like it is for us. They all deserve the same rights in every field. Don’t u think so. 


I am sure u Ppl must have thought about their issues and how to help them when u see them at lights but just by thinking we can’t help them right. 


We need to do something so that they get same position in this world. I hope u Ppl pay attention n do something next time when u meet some transgender.


Thank you for reading this. 

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