Unexplored Catharsis

Posted by Sagar Sharma
April 5, 2017

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I went for a walk in evening, just to show my presence. The evening was quietly quivering and solemnly still. Sweet breeze blocking my way to the home. I reached the home, 5th after taking a right turn from the post office. ‘She has gone out of our hands’ he sighed. My father, on the verge of the end of his professional era, responsible person and too caring. But, this time he was right. Even I could feel his pain. She has actually reached her childhood salvation at a very early age. I knew where she would have landed up. She was sitting in our study room, the last mutual place we shared before and after every ferocious discussion. This room was allocated to us since childhood. This room has witnessed the most friendly fights, memorable moments under their nose. Mummy was busy in kitchen and papa had returned to his room after a sorrowful victory. The room door also welcomed me for a meeting with the chained lion with its creaking melody. ‘Why should I tell them everything? I have my own life. I’m now 16+ and can do whatever I wish to. I have to ask them, even for a movie. Why are they always behind me?’ The temper broke as I entered the room. I couldn’t even turn back to see her expression before those verbal darts reached me. ‘They are actually two jailors, keeping us all day long at home. It’s just a movie with my best friends.’ These words and comments may fascinate you. How can a girl call her parents as jailors? But, they were usual for me.

My ears were busy searching something new in these old phonetics. I didn’t speak anything. I didn’t want to interrupt her verbal vomiting. So, I quietly sat on a chair in front of her and she continued. I think you are smart enough to imagine the rest of those words. ‘Why don’t you speak?’ she ended. Well, this was new for me. ‘Because I was busy in listening to you.’ This reply settled her down a bit. I don’t know why or how. Her face lost that dreadful tear of muscles. At last, I uttered some words… ‘You know about all such events, out there. I know you can take your care. But still, it’s not safe to hang out late night. Moreover, you haven’t completed your homework. I think they don’t know this. So should I help you??’ I was trying to divert her mind and make her understand the present situation of society, mixed with a tincture of sarcasm. ‘OKAY. GOING….’ She came up to her feet, beating the floor and straight to the door, with heavy feet. This time door didn’t creak when it was opened with force and closed with a banging noise. It was to tell me that she didn’t like my words.

I knew she is grown up, but couldn’t let her go all alone. She was still that small girl who feels irritated if I don’t listen to her. I knew she was upset. I knew she will sleep on a wet pillow. But… I… yes…. Even my thoughts are stammering to express. Later that night, I went to sit on the balcony. I stretched my legs out. The incapability to fill that reason with logic was disturbing me. So I sat there to change my mind. I looked at the sky. Stars were pondering over me as if they are also asking for a solution.

A sounding breeze softly touched me. I felt a bit relaxed. Now those thoughts were abating from my mind slowly and calmly. I looked down in the street. It was peaceful. The cars and bikes running at an irregular interval. Just then saw a small girl, maybe 7 or 8 years old. Her happy go lucky nature took away that left of strata, which breeze forgot. One foot on the ground, while the other was busy talking with air, simultaneously altering. ‘Papa come fast. Mum is waiting.’ She had covered some distance faster than her father. OH. He is Sandeep uncle, living in the same street. That little princess was Syrah, his daughter. ‘Beta stop and do look back or else any vehicle will hit you’ I could see wryness in that hoarse, old voice. ‘Papa you are standing behind me. I need not fear. You are there for it.’ her words ended in that soft soothing breeze, without disturbing her walk. My body stopped feeling the breeze. They all wanted to live this moment forever

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