We Need Debates Not Agenda To Fight

Posted by somaya iqubal khan
April 18, 2017

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It took me time to realize that I am the meager puppet at the hands of people in power.

As none of my opinion or thought would make any difference to this current society because we have internalized the system of religion, caste, power politics so well that is now in our blood. Revenge, resentfulness, rage to prove oneself, when something worst inflicts a said community it is justified by statements like this happened with other as well in the past, where is it wrong?

There we lose all the reasons to fight or take a stand because look, how inhumanity is defended and justified.

Fool I am and so are you to be played by men in power, we have lost the sense of our individuality and have become the part of this business game where,

A man wakes up one day and decides to trend, raises a question which divides the population easily and there he goes, trending. He is everywhere, his job is done.

We even defend ourselves for being poor, the truth of this country. Bank balances of millionaires in the country do not make you rich, for instance just take a look at the healthcare sector. Save thy sentiments.

Every issue was raised to create a rift, triple Talaq was brought to bifurcate the community further, triple Talaq was never an issue because Sharia was never enforced, Muslim women was always free to reach the judiciary system of the country.

I wonder what the media would feed on if we stop giving them our reaction and opinions on unnecessary things.

And I wonder what would be the agenda of political drama besides Mandir and Masjid, Hindu and Muslim.

Do you think it would shift to debates on who gives better healthcare, better education, better employment opportunities, better infrastructure, better lifestyle, freedom of speech and right to life?

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