What Is Put In The Name But Everything Is Put In Surname.

Posted by Mohit Notiyal
April 30, 2017


Shakespeare said what is put in the name he was right here in indian Society really nothing is put in the name. Because everything put in your surname.

Your talent,  intelligence ,qualities, behavior nothing works for you if your surname doesn’t belong to so called upper casts. Where ever you go,whom you meet the first question is your name and second your full name. Bcoj people doesn’t want to know you they want to know your cast. All your qualities will be put aside if you belong to a lower cast.

We are living in 21st century physically not mentally. Still today lower cast is being tortured. Even a girl ask you about your surname(cast)before she becomes your friend bcoj it doesn’t look good to be a girlfriend of a lower cast boy. There is a huge number of victims being tortured due to surname in social and professional life.

I know that day will not come in india when everybody will get respect because of qualities but to surname.



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