What My Periods Taught Me

Posted by Evila528
April 28, 2017

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“I’m on my periods.”

“Shh! You don’t say it out loud.”

This was what i was told by my mother, my peers and the aunties of the society.

I was raised believing that periods can only be discussed behind the curtains and as a so-called good girl that’s what i did.

I remember when me and my family went to a temple, and i was  required to stand outside because of my periods and my brother asking my mom that why am i standing outside? and my mom casually saying him that don’t bother yourself with it.

Every month i was on a mission to hide the pad whenever i have to use or dispose it. And whenever my mom/dad used to bring a pack of sanitary napkins it was always covered by a newspaper and then my mom would say, “go hide it in your cupboard before your brother comes here”.

This was also, same at school. Whenever a girl required a pad, a message was passed on from one girl to another like a secret code which can only be decoded by us. And then walking from the classroom to the washroom while hiding the pad so, your male classmates cannot have a glance of a green colour thing you’re holding.

And this continued every month because i was taught that eventhough it is my necessity still i should be embarassed by it because you should never talk about your periods loudly.

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