What President Trump Can Learn From Niti Atre On Travel Ban

Posted by GirlCounts Modi
April 2, 2017

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US President Trump has issued travel ban on people to enter the US but has received many legal Travel Ban of Sibling by Niti Atrechallenges and finds it hard to get accepted. But Niti Atre an adult in America has successfully achieved a Travel Ban against two innocent siblings with lies that break laws. I, a girl child and sister, am one of those directly affected by the travel ban imposed by Niti Atre. Whether one supports or opposes President Trump’s travel ban, the focus here is on the lessons learnt on how to do it successfully as Niti Atre has. If Niti Atre thinks that IVF/Surrogacy children born outside the US are so bad that we should have a travel ban, that’s fine, please give me my brother back also born via IVF/Surrogacy. As a rejected immigrant but still believe in America, here are my two shakes. As an innocent girl child victim/survivor, I will let you decide where I stand on these issues. All Niti Atre had to do was SHOW UP and take responsibility and accountability for her actions as an adult instead of imposing a travel ban and making this a Adult V. Child or One Birth Condition V. Another Birth Condition or Immigrant V. Immigrant. Truth is SIMPLER. As we recently learned, *some* adults in America go to great lengths to have a child which enslaves and exploits women in third world like me, a little girl child and sister, a proud Indian American.

Background and Motivation for Travel Ban

President Trump has stated reasons for the travel ban is to keep America safe, rejigger the American vetting process (meaning something is wrong?) and then re-allow the safe individuals to move freely like before.

Niti Atre is born intersex (not her fault) and thus is infertile (not her fault) and is an Indian immigrant to the US (laws for infertile Americans are different than infertile immigrants in US) and needs a child at any costs. Only way Niti Atre can have a child is via third party reproduction like IVF/Surrogacy and because of her “birth condition” can never have a “genetic link” with a child as required by US laws. As a result Niti Atre and her spouse, our father (also an Indian immigrant in the US for 20+ years “at the time of my birth”) do IVF/Surrogacy in India but live in the US, BOTH show up in India when a child, my elder brother is born, get legal paperwork (including false birth certificate, passport, visa) to take the Indian child to the US. However, when I am born the same way in India, Niti Atre, decides NOT TO SHOW UP and declares under oath in a sworn affidavit that she DOES NOT WANT ME. Fine. Sadly, lot of children are abandoned everyday in the world. However, in this SPECIAL situation, I could NOT get a birth certificate, a passport and thus I could NOT travel to the US from India. Other children get to go home “at the time of birth”, I could not go to my home in the US because Niti Atre DID NOT SHOW UP and DID NOT WANT ME. As our biological parent, an immigrant father in US tried to make sense of the “game” to whether save a girl child and a sister in India OR stay in the US and fight a court case in US filed by Niti Atre for custody of my biological brother, also born the same way? Both Niti Atre and our father KNEW the process and SHOWING UP is critical in IVF/Surrogacy cases so that the CHILD (me), not the adults, get legal paperwork like passport and travel. The absence of Niti Atre means being STATELESS (millions of children worldwide) which was my condition for 1860 days after birth (about 5 years and 1 month) – A LEGAL TRAVEL BAN (as opposed to my brother who took less than 45 days because Niti Atre SHOWED UP). While my older brother in US also cannot travel and is stateless because since we are born the same way, the SAME laws apply equally. If a lie which breaks laws is DENIED for me, the same is applicable to him if “rule of law” is EQUAL? The 5+ years of separation was “enough time” for Niti Atre to establish as the primary parent of my brother and completely SEPARATE him from his entire biological family which is what travel bans do – separate. Were the actions of Niti Atre pre-meditative with known consequences? Also, Niti Atre ensured I have NO legal identity in US or India to be able to pursue ANY legal recourse against her actions and I have been DENIED both due process and equal rights like my own brother. Separately, if abandoning a child, deleting a child, endangering welfare of a child, neglecting a child, pre-meditatively discriminating against someone’s race, religion, caste, gender, sexual orientation, birth, nationality are hate crimes, why aren’t “ALL OF THE ABOVE” applicable equally to IVF/Surrogacy children like me? Since my brother is born the same way, what will you tell him when he is an adult?

At least President Trump is willing to “re-allow” safe individuals to be united in US but Niti Atre has left NO option to even re-allow us stateless siblings to be united, what “safety risks” do innocent children impose by uniting? Our safety risk is adults like Niti Atre and her cronies.

IVF/Surrogacy is controversial much like the proposed Trump Travel Ban. Infertile couples do IVF/Surrogacy to have and love children, not to abuse us. Regardless of which side of the debate one is on, we are already BORN as children and if children are part of the FUTURE, we should be included and not excluded like Niti Atre and her cronies want. We fully understand the legal, social, “sensitive” issues of people like Niti Atre and with all due respect, I hope others can also understand the SAME legal, social, “sensitive” issues faced by a stateless IVF/Surrogacy girl child and sister. We fully agree the severe depression and trauma faced by intersex patients and families (of which we are an equal part of) as recognized by UNSRT to declare the lies in treating intersex as torture or the trauma both socially and legally delaying with infertility. Imagine the torture, abuse, and trauma of not allowing an IVF/Surrogacy daughter and sister to come home after 3 years and 5 miscarriages and getting court order to silence any voice that tries to get rights of the deleted girl child, also an individual! There may be leftists or rightists, feminists or patriarchs, non-genetic or genetic, singles or married, adults or children, pro-truth or anti-truth, nationalists or globalists each may have their own agenda and use a strategy of “sympathy and emotions, lies and obfuscation, and so on to “justify” their actions or inactions and even holding an innocent, voiceless child to account OR holding their immigrant, biological, father to account because somehow their kind is LESS of a parent and therefore MY rights as a child should be DENIED?  Regardless of how we got here, the status quo is a DELETED girl child and divided biological siblings. Now what? If we analyze with facts and FOCUS on the issues and not the messenger, we can get to a solution OR we can continue the cascading strategy of denials and continued exploitation via hollowed obfuscation and a emperor has no clothes strategy. When do lies, breaking laws, fraud, hypocrisy become ENOUGH – is a deleted girl child and divided siblings enough which also means exploitation of innocent children and women – values we wake up to everyday to protect and defend as democracies.

Deeper Issues for Travel Ban

President Trump wants a safer America and as the global leader, a safer America may also lead to a safer world.

First World : An infertile adult wants a child at any costs even exploiting third world children and women, how long?

New World : Innocent girl child and sister born of IVF/Surrogacy to help infertile adult in America who didn’t SHOW UP and wants to be EQUAL, fair?

Will our status quo lead to a “safer” place for IVF/Surrogacy children and families? Niti Atre is born a “genetic male”, a birth condition for which laws are still making rounds. As case in point, in US there are several individual “bathroom bills” making rounds including in Houston, Texas where my home is and federally via the Trump administration where transgender/intersex adults DO NOT have a “choice” of public bathrooms. But an intersex adult has a CHOICE to count one sibling and delete another sibling? Before anyone gets up in arms about our “insensitivity” about intersex, infertile, immigrant rights, I submit myself and my family as evidence that we TRIED to HELP, now who will HELP US? Beyond the “brown”, “white”, “black”, “rainbow”, “orange”, “purple”, we have moved to GenNext where there is “another white” – purity of innocent children. Who will help us? Perhaps if laws did not discriminate against a birth condition like intersex, infertility (inability to provide “genetic link” as required by laws), smart, resourceful adults like Niti Atre would not be forced to lie and then suppress their lies by using innocent siblings like me as bait to extort a child/sibling away. So its OK to discriminate against another “birth condition”? As it stands today, Niti Atre is an immigration fraudster (I have proof) and has DELETED a girl child but NO action, why? Niti Atre can stop the TRAVEL BAN in an instant by accepting the truth, allow rule of law and being a responsible and accountable adult instead of denials for decades like other powerful adults who hide behind their unknowing powerful institutions to exploit children like #ChurchAbuse, #SportsProgramAbuse or #FamilyAbuse. Niti Atre DOES NOT have to do this for me or anyone else but do it for the “child she claims to love”, my brother, because we have more than just DNA in common, we are both common survivors due to the archaic laws for us IVF/Surrogacy children and its inequities making us LESS as human beings.

I also have a “birth condition” (not my fault) which also happens to be a legal, social, medical, ethical, moral, international issues – if I am being HELD TO ACCOUNT as an innocent child, why isn’t the adult who did this to us the siblings also held to account? Are crimes by minority within minority EXEMPT or is crime a crime and law is law and child IS a child, no adjectives?

Why this double standard where us IVF/Surrogacy children have to constantly prove we are EQUAL children but with twice as much hard work, patience, and efforts? We did call, “Houston, we have a problem” but are DENIED help. I suppose we are LESS of human beings than even aliens.

Red Herring or a Silver Lining for Path Forward in Globalization

Both India and America – world’s two largest democracies believe in truth, freedom, equality for ALL and thats all we ask as GenNext to “include us” in the all. If children are the future, we are children too and please include us. Truth will come out regardless as its more powerful than any one individual, system or power, truth outlasts everyone even us mortals. I can guarantee you in a sea of people, no one can pick me out as an “IVF/Surrogacy” child or no one can pick Niti Atre out as an “intersex adult” because its NOT written on our foreheads but that’s not how the LAWS see us. However, anyone can say that we look “Indian”. Are “girl child rights” based on nationality or do we as a global community treat them universally?

Globalization is here but laws have not caught up. Globalization will mean extending the SAME human rights, labor laws, child rights, contract laws within our borders to places where we procure services and products from. We don’t want seafood from child slavery. Apostilled documents like birth records, court records, legal contracts have to be honored across international boundaries. People who break international contracts have to be HELD to ACCOUNT just as if the same inhumane act was done on its own soil. We have already lived the effects of master manipulation of laws/jurisdictions, lies, fraud and inability of systems to enforce its own laws EQUALLY with globalization.

President Trump has stated one of the reasons for the travel ban is to combat terrorism on US soil. We have already experienced IVF/Surrogacy terrorism (an act by adult(s) where one IVF/Surrogacy sibling is used against another resulting both being stateless and divided much like any child or any pregnant mother fleeing with an unborn child from terrorists) on our soil, what are the “bigger” lessons learnt? There are canaries in the mine, we can choose to listen or ignore. Shooting the messenger, divide and conquer, living in denials, silencing truth with “valid justifications” at the time, “moving to the back of the bus”, “no right to vote for being a woman”, Salem witch-hunts, child of a slave is also a slave, not allowing Indians in America for being “other” are all tried and tested but failed strategies to DENY otherwise equal rights – it’s a matter of time.

We can discuss until the cows come home but President Trump can learn from Niti Atre on how to legally impose a travel ban and that too on newborn infants, supposedly the most innocent in the world. If she can get away and live freely while the victims/survivors (innocent children) LOSE our FREEDOM, I am sure there are lessons learnt on how to impose travel bans for adults too.

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