What We Think About Our Government ?

Posted by Saif Rahman
April 7, 2017

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Do you think that any government works for common people or they just produce a mirage for us ??
No government works for common people. They just try to lick the feet of corporate world. They are very good in doing this.
Eradicating poverty, unemployment, corruption and illiteracy are very difficult and they know it very well.
So,time to time they throw the new issues for us. It seems to be bone for street dogs. We start fighting for this bone and at the end we don’t get anything​.
They know our nerves very well and they are master in polarising the society in different ways. It has been proved.
They do it often because they want us to distract from main issues.
We are not because of them but they are because of us. No political parties are good. We always have two options either to go for bad or to go for worst. Unfortunately, we go for bad.
In Algebra of infinite justice by Arundhati Roy,it is written that every government loot us either in the darkness of night or in the brightness of day. But they loot us.
What we think that government is doing a favour for us.
No, they can’t.
It’s their responsibility otherwise,they would be thrown out.
The day we start to see any government by the frame of their ideologies. It’s means it’s the end of our common sense. It doesn’t matter either it’s Hinduism, secularism,Marxism, Leninism,Maoism or something else.
Government must be our service provider. If they spend even a single paisa,it’s all because of our taxes.
Just take an example,out of rs 100 they spend rs 10 on us and we start to chant their “chalisa”. We can’t be a fan of anyone here.
We must raise our voices against their atrocities.
Once Martin Luther king Jr told~ Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

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