When I Was Impure..!

Posted by Puja Choudhary
April 27, 2017

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i started having my menestrual cycle when i was about 12. Bleeding  and having almost no idea about what it meant..Was i dying? This question pestered me consistently until  my mom got a pad stuck it on to the panty and handed it over to me..she told me to go upstairs where we had a room on the terrace and for the next three days i was there with radiating ache in my lower belly and blood on my pad. After that it was a monthly affair but i had little or no information about menes and no one even bothered to tell me it was just like for three day I’m gonna bleed and for those three days I’m not allowed to bathe, to enter the kitchen ,to meet the male members. In short i was an impure person for three days every month. Then one fine day i searched on the web and found out bleeding is not abnormal , it is a very normal and a natural process to excrete metabolic wastes but then my question is why was I considered impure? I should be considered more pure as these three days helped me in getting out all the impurities from my body now this is a very simple logic i gave to my mother but it is fed to her in such a way that i just can’t get it out.But maybe you can educate yourself and your near and dear ones. Now this is how i educated myself about the very natural and biological process and defied all those myths. Unless and until you’re not convinced with the idea that periods are nothing bad but good you can’t change anything. So first EDUCATE yourself.

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