Where Is God ? Inside Temples Or In Our Karma

Posted by Nishika R. Saxena
April 11, 2017

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“God” a word which no one could ever define properly.

Who is God ? How does it look like ? Has anyone ever seen it ? Is it an human being or an illusion ?

Every year crores of money is been donated in temples like siddhi vinayak, vaishno devi, tirupati balaji…. Does God Live In These Temple ?

People who keep praying in temples and don’t work, will they ever be able to earn for themselves ?

God never asked humans to pray him inside the temples in difficult languages, its we humans who wrote prayers in their own different languages.

If a doctor does not treat the sick patient, does not heal his ailment, and just wait for God to show miracle will it ever happen ?

If we see someone dying in front of us and you just sit idle praying to lord for help, will it really help ??

Answer to all these questions is “NO

God does exist…, It exists in your strengths, In your will power, In the courage that you show when you get ready to face all challenges of life, It exists in your faith, In exists in your beliefs

  • Esref Armagan – A Blind But Great Turkish Painter,
  • Chris Koch – Born without arms and legs won Calgary Marathon 4:23 kms,
  • 7 year old Anaya Ellick born without hands wins best handwriting competition.

Donating hundreds of money in temples does not give a handicapped individual his legs or eyes back, What gives him life back is his will power, his courage to do something in world despite being handicap. God is seen in such courageous individuals will power.

India is the only country which is famous for having most miraculous temples in world,

The famous “Hindu Milk Miracle of 21 st September 1995 in Ganesh Temple of Trinidad , where people observed Lord Ganesha statue drinking milk from his trunk, and liquid getting disappeared, was later experimented by scientists of India’s Ministry of Science and Technology and proven that it was not any miracle or presence of lord in statue, it was mere result of chemical capillary action.

People who fear start believing in black magic, dongi baba’s consider them to be representative of lord, this is all actually a myth.

Donating hairs in tirupati balaji temple will never give you a better job or bride or groom. But your karma will definitely give you one.

As its said  “God Help Those Who Help Themselves”

If You Actually Believe In God Then First Believe In Yourself, Have Faith On Yourself, Listen To Your Inner Voice, Show Courage To Do Something, Get Ready To Face All Challenges And Hurdles That Will Come Across You And Your Dreams Then You Will Surely See Presence Of God

I Am Not A Theist Nor Am I Atheist, I Am Agnostic.

I Strongly Believe God Is In Karma That We Do

“Sachhe Man Se Jo Usko Bulaye….
Sunta Wo Uski Har Baat Hai…
Usne To Paaya Hai Bas Uska Saath…
Jiske Man Mein Vishvas Hai..
Mann Mein Vishwaas Hai”

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