Why Aap Should Win Delhi Municipal Elections?-an Aaptard’s

Posted by Rohit Lathar
April 2, 2017

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AAP has recently lost the Punjab elections and all of us think that this is the end of this party which emerged out from undoubtedly the biggest anti-corruption movement in our country’s history. But the one question that we all ignore is that,Is AK really that bad a leader as it has been projected by the twitter trolls or is he a victim of an organised campaign aimed at tarnishing his image nationally?

Let us think rationally on this matter,we all know that our political system cannot be called ‘honest’ in any sense. We all are awared about the dirty tricks played to stop a positive change. When we all know about the core reality, then how can we expect that the existing parties will let a party, with an agenda of revolutionising indian politics, rise to the power and change things for the better. Don’t you all think that it’s too much of optimism on our part. I do accept that Mr.Kejriwal blamed Mr.Modi for nearly everything in the recent months, but was he really that wrong in doing so ? We all know that Lt. Governor Najib Jung did not let the Government work and blocked many of their legislations citing one excuse or the other. Who could he blame it to ? Why are we not looking into the authenticity of his claims ? Yeah! It is possible that not Mr.Modi directly but BJP, as a party, has done all that but today, Mr.Modi is synonymous to the whole party and if you all still think that it’s not Mr.Modi who is involved in that public butchering of Delhi’s mandate, can I  question him  on his own logic- Was he also wearing a ‘raincoat’ like Mr.Manmohan Singh then?

This organised campaign against Mr.Kejriwal has shifted the whole focus from the commendable work done by him.Why are we not talking about the reduced corruption, electricity bills, water bills in delhi ? Why are we not talking about mohalla clinics and the free medicines given to public in government hospitals? Why are we not talking about the abolition of management quota in Delhi’s private schools? Mr.Kejriwal has done alot of  good work and I don’t want this party, and the movement, to die. More power to you Kejriwal Sir and Yeah! I am a proud AAPTARD 🙂



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