Why Indian parents are not okay with their children pursuing unconventional courses?

Posted by divya kushwaha
April 7, 2017

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Its 21st century we are living in. All around the world all we get to here is how constantly things are changing around us. The word “Development” is something given so much emphasis, it is the new vogue. But what we forget is that development has to be associated not only with countries but with human beings too. Countries can progress only when human beings are evolved. And evolvement of human beings mean broad thinking. It means coming out their cocoons and accepting other things too. Being open to change. But our country still has not been able to make much progress when it comes about having a broad mindset of a majority of our population.

Even today Indian parents fail to understand that its okay if their child do not want to be a doctor, engineer, CA or IAS. Why they fail to understand that there are plethora of other fields which can prepare students to earn a hefty salary, live a luxurious life and fight with the world, perhaps this is something all parents yearn for their children. Isn’t it?

I personally feel the main problem with Indian Parents is that they are always in a hurry to see their children get settled. They don’t realize that everything big is achieved in life only through patience. You cannot just force things, because as they say things happen at their own pace, what is supposed to take time will take, forcing will not make it happen any fast. What we should not forget is “Never stop trying and never stop believing.” Rushing into things only makes us land up in circumstances where we never feel like we belong and what we are left is regret is for our whole lives.

Indian parents also want to play safe, always. They don’t want their children to take any kind of risks in life. But the truth is without risking you might never realize what you are capable of. So what if things do not work out at the first time? You are here to learn, ain’t it? And bad times, they only make you tough.  They teach you to overcome obstacles in life. Our society focuses too much on finding our passion and then pursuing it. The word “passion” itself is too much overrated. Because honestly there is nothing like passion that exists. Nobody is born with any kind of skills from birth. Its only when we try our hands at different things only then we come to know where our interests lie. So keep exploring until you find something which you enjoy doing. Because seriously it all comes down to being happy. So it just okay if you are a college dropout or failed miserably at a start-up, because absolutely nobody knows during their first time that they would succeed or this is all what they ever wanted. Because like time our dreams also keep changing.

Parents need to understand that their children have a different life, they are born at different time and compelling them to follow their dreams will not work now. All this would lead to only one thing and that is skyrocketing suicide rates.

So give your children the freedom to follow the career path they wish to. Be it archaeologist, make up stylist, fashion designer, writer, comedian, social worker anything. Just given them the chance. Let them mess it up. They will learn from their own mistakes. Don’t burden them unnecessarily. Be a source of constant support somebody who always believe in their children that one day they would make it big. Let them fly and one day you will see them coming out with flying colours.

And my urge to all youngsters – do not give up easily. Fight for your life, fight for your dreams ,cry hard, have sleepless night but do not quit. Sit with your parents, talk with them and make them understand your perception. Its only when we mutually try to understand each other only then things work.

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