Why is racism a practice humans find arduous to end ?

Posted by Suhas Repally
April 19, 2017

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Racism is defined as mistreatment or violence against a race. Race is a group of people with similar roots and as a result similar characteristics or features. So, how hard is it to conclude that people of a race might share and display similarity in traditions, practices and even an accent. Hence, it would be seem imprudent to discriminate against somebody for being who they naturally are. These few lines so logical but we have centuries of history to prove why humans, the most intelligent life form just cannot get over racism. The recent attacks on Nigerians in India are the latest of the kind. And this is surprising because India is one of the most culturally diverse places on earth. So, it should perhaps be more acceptable and hospitable to different races.

So, in a world where research is being done in literally every field and efforts are being made to actually build a doll with emotions, it would be good idea to delve into the details and do a thorough analysis. It seems to be the only possible method to actually curb this practice. When the issue is carefully looked into, there seems to be much more than difference in beliefs and practices. It is not just the food habits and language find different about the African descent population, there seems to be a sense of discomfort among people just due to their presence. And that seems like an equation impossible to solve. The root cause has resulted in the causation of many problems, but in today’s age of increasing hatred among communities the problems can alleviate to a whole different level. The presence of social media is the perfect thing to ruin things even more.

But our entire existence is built up on the idea of being hopeful. Hence, for the sake of humanity efforts must be made to put a positive end to this problem.  First step would to eradicate the smaller issues in the short term and imitate efforts to solve the issue completely in the long term. The smaller problems are complex in nature but they are relatively smaller than the larger ones. SO, on this scale smaller problems would be the prejudices people have against other races. The presently available tools like social media, which could otherwise prove detrimental, can be used as a medium. Awareness regarding the culture and beliefs of various races among the local population. A preferred order to do that would be to start with the predominant minority and move down the ladder. Social gatherings with different themes celebrating different cultures can surely be efficient in making people more aware and respectful of other race’s practices.

But the long term solution is time consuming. The inception has to be at the school level. Young minds are easily influenced and we must ensure that they grow up with a positive attitude and a more accommodating nature. Specific programs can be planned and implemented to tackle issues like bullying etc. This would ensure that the next generation has lesser issues to solve. Now, for the daunting part of the change in the currently middle and old aged population, a diverse assortment of methods have to be ensured. Movies are in general a reflection of our society and hence, ensuring more efforts to increase diversity in characters in terms of ethnicity without forcing it would definitely have a non-negative effect. Stories of discrimination must be shared through various platforms. This might help in improving the situation.

But, as any other crime is controlled, and treating people unfairly for who they are should be considered one, we need precise laws to tackle this issue. Strict laws will surely ensure that very individual is treated fairly. But it is obvious that people are the key. People who understand and support equality free of racism must display patience and help in making the others, perhaps ignorant in many cases, feel the importance of what you believe in. And at the same time, support and hope must be extended to those at the suffering end and make them feel comforted. People must appeal to the humanitarian in them and see to it that each and every person is treated with respect as they deserve every bit of it.

– Suhas Repally

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