Why Jee Is Not The End Of The Universe

Posted by Nayanika Mondal
April 27, 2017

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No, the jee mains paper is not the end of the universe. The sooner people realize this, the easier it will be for everyone.

      Now that the Mains results are out, we will be seeing lots of contemplation among the students, parents and teachers. People you don’t even know will appear out of nowhere with their own stock of advice. Relatives, you didn’t even know were related to you, will start planning your future and before you start breathing normally again, the whole world would have already jammed up your ears with the wildest of prophecies.

It’s okay. Listen to them. But don’t go into depression mode. Don’t give up the faith you have on yourself just because of the stinging words you have to hear temporarily. Remember there are people who have even bigger problems than you and they are facing it everyday with a smile. So when you feel you are disappearing into a huge void of blackness and losing the meaning of life, cursing yourself (maybe for not even making through the cut-off and such a low cut-off at that!) , well not to get too philosophical but just remind yourself that you are living on this blue planet which is revolving around a massive ball of fire, tilted at an angle of 23.4 degrees. That we are all alive is an accident! You can choose to die at any single moment, yet your choice of life over death will always make you triumphant. And basing your opinions on an OMR sheet is perhaps the most disgraceful way to determine your self-worth.

So you always wanted to be an engineer. An IITian. You have watched 3 Idiots and you feel that the character of Rancho is just imprinted on you. You love to keep stuff cool and simple. Engineering is your dream. Fixing things, your passion.

So what went wrong? How are you supposed to live your dream if you couldn’t even clear the mains paper? What will your friends say? What will EVERYONE SAY?? How will you show your face to your parents after this? All their hopes for you shattered in just one single second. You can’t bear to log in to the jee website again. The word ‘entrance’ makes you sick now. There is this huge lump in your throat which will never go down. You can’t cry. You are numb.

So what should you do? Remember that hardly anyone is stuck with one single problem during their whole lifetime. Tell yourself that “this too shall pass”. The world is huge, and you have so many options you have no clue about. Consider the various oppotunities that lie ahead. You are young, and you don’t have time to brood hours over a single exam. Now that you are done criticizing yourself, gear up and get back to the battle.

According to Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” theory, the Earth rejects those who cannot tolerate the harsh realities of life, but surely you were not cut out to be rejected. Your existence holds much more meaning than you can dream of in your wildest imaginations. So laugh at all the mess, keep being sincere and working hard, enjoy this gift of life. The rest is all a part of it. Don’t make it your one and only purpose. You are much more braver than you think, and in 3-4 years all these super deep emotions that you are going through will just be a few faded memories of the past. So shine bright and live a magnificent life. Love as much as you can and spread happiness.


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