Why Muslim Personal Law Board Dont Want To Abolish Practice Of Triple Talaq?

Posted by rsayyed95
April 15, 2017

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The affidavit submitted by All India Muslim Law Board against the triple talaq, polygamy and nikah halala shows the mindset of the self proclaim protector of the muslim interest. who are they and why they don’t want to abolish this practice?  Many of the people on the Personal Law Board members don’t want to loose their turf for governing the personal matters of muslim. if they abolish the practice of triple talaq then who the hell will go to the personal law board and who will cares that who is a member of the board. Everywhere in this world no one wants to loose their turf. If anyone endorse the custom of triple talaq then he/she just have to give one answer to my question that what if his/her daughter will be victim of triple talq, niakh halala and polygamy??

Just closely look at the figures provided by the government in which the separation in hindus is more than muslims but the talaq is more in muslims. Why this so? because social stigma is attached to talaq in hindus and not in muslims. only 5 out of 100 women are divorced in muslims and what about other 95% who are in thumping majority. The only thing in this custom is that government want to politicize it and personal law board don’t want to loose its power.

Just look at the socio-economic condition of muslims. They have worst per capita income in this country after scheduled tribes so how one man can marry 4 women if he is not able to feed his wife and children properly. just look at the ground realities. Nobody wants to marry 4 times. Why people want to fabricate it as the government data shows different picture. If someone wants to see the true subjugation of women then just go and see the laws and customs of tribals and specially of the HO tribe.

Nikah Halala is the worst form of customs practiced in the muslims and I don’t want to endorsed any of the three practices. But just want clear that majority of muslims do not practice and do not endorse it.

The condition of muslims will become good only when they will try to listen oneself instead of mullahs and maulavis. The muslim youth should start a beginning by starting a social movement to abolish all the malpractices from religion and remove all the problems f.ced by the muslim women

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