Why poeple degrade their excitement after knowing that the born child is girl??

Posted by Mishra Pràgàti
April 4, 2017

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India is so called *developing* country but it lacks its enhancement in mentality.People r involved in development but they themselves don’t allow their mentality to develop .*Gender Bias* is not only the term meant to debate but actually it needs change ,demands progress in the thoughts of people who still didn’t want a girl child in their family just because they are not capable of becoming *heirs* of their so called prestigious family ,they are *payara dhan* who are born  only to increase the burden of family because marriage is not possible without dowry and parents are not strong enough to foster a adult girl child but brave enough to handle the life of a boy child along with the problems of his wife.The problem is not with the society but the true cause is the mentality in which every individual got webbed.

We are surrounded by the atmosphere where mother regrets after giving birth to a girl child and laments by saying that *kash ladka ho gya hota*(child would have been a boy).Actually society doesn’t matter to me but when our loving mother  expresses dejection then it hurts more.

I still haven’t got the answer that  why people want boy child only? What so special in their penis which couldn’t match the level of vagina?

I would like to  share a story of one of my relative who are expecting their second  child who could become a sibling of their another boy child . Just after the news of pregnancy the couple bought a poster of nude baby boy with a hope that the poster in their room could change the sex of foetus .When I asked them that why they have pasted that poster of nude baby boy  then  they joyfully replied that other posters were not not clear whether the  print is of girl or boy.

So disgusting …..

Actually relatives and their thoughts are not in my priority list but when it comes to mother then every unimportant thing becomes important.Her advise becomes my priority and that is the only reason I can’t show my curves in public,I can’t even wear shorts,sleeveless shirts because these could explore my female body .I have to cover my cleavage with so called *dhang ke kapde*(decent clothes) .It might be a concern of my caring mother who want to protect me from this crime oriented society where still culprits of nirbhaya dared to give interview to one of the esteemed channel shamelessly.

I am in the dumbs when my mother didn’t allow me to drive two wheeler

and then taunts me in a way * ki agar tum ladka hoti toh yeh kaam kar lati*(if u would have been a boy then u could have done this work easily).

I only want to see some development in the mentality of Indians who can bring a change in the lives of Indian girls who are still caught in the sick thoughts of family and relatives.

I consider myself strong because I never allowed anyone not even my family to underestimate me(*girlchild*) and lucky as well because my parents never preferred society more and always made my priorities their priorities.




Love you mumma for always supporting me without considering about the society. I am lucky and also know that you are the luckiest mumma to have a single child like me😘

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