Why So Serious

Posted by Sharvaani Mantha
April 25, 2017

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Facebook and Twitter which started out as a social platform for self obsessed people and celebrity stalkers respectively; have turned into a place where you dump your insecurities and ignorance into trolling anybody and everybody. These platforms were always a place to check the latest trending things in our country like dubsmash, ice bucket challenge and the latest and the best being, trolling people.

You  must have got a wind of where I am headed. Of course the Snapchat fiasco. Apparently, the CEO of the snapchat, some Evan Thomas Speigel has given a statement in a private court house saying he doesn’t want to expand the app in poor countries like India and Spain. Somehow, this statement has made its way into our country and this is all everyone in India can talk about from past 2 days. There has been a collective outrage among the Indians (which is not so surprising anyway) and many users have deleted the app giving it a one star rating; and people who never used it have downloaded the app, gave a 1 star rating and then deleted it. The madness did not even stop there; there are few geniuses who gave Snapdeal a 1 star rating and deleted the app, because “Hello! It has snap in it.” It is very similar to Sonu sood receiving a fatwa from the mosques for something Sonu nigam has said.

So, there has been several jokes about the CEO and the total scene in the facebook, and one of my friends happened to share the same on his page. So I commented saying “it’s not even confirmed yet, whether he has actually issued the statement or not and even if he has it’s not wrong if you see it from a businessman’s point of view. I mean there is no point in expanding a digital platform where 40% of the population aren’t even provided a basic education.” Can you imagine his response to that? He says, “yes, I didn’t know what happened exactly but I got offended by someone calling india as a poor country( which is totally true by the way) as did many Indians and also we should abide few things based on national interests (says the man sitting in front of a computer desk in the USA earning money for that country).”

So here are a few points I did not understand:

  1. How has the Snapchat CEO offended anyone by stating the obvious thing about our country. They made a movie called Slumdog millionare and showed that India has nothing but poverty in it and we still celebrate the fact that A.R. Rahman has won an Oscar for the movie.
  2. We have all learned in the social studies of our 6th standard stating that over 22% of the population in India live below the poverty line. Our solution to reduce poverty? Download and delete the app. Who cares about the poor people as long as our egos are satisfied.
  3. The worst is: why delete snapdeal? Why? I mean Snapdeal is like the clothing on a woman’s body. Anything that happens to a woman in our country is because of her clothing right?

Anyway this is not the first time something like this has happened. Remember the time when Aamir khan has said something about the growing intolerance in India and how his wife has “suggested” to move out of the country for the kids safety and how everyone went mad and deleted Snapdeal(poor guy) because Aamir is the brand ambassador of the company?

Apparently, it is okay to go abroad to study, get a job there, marry someone, become a citizen of that country and never return to the homeland; but thinking of leaving the country worried about the kids safety is wrong. The same kind of slamming, boycotting and shaming happened to aamir khan and has it affected him at all you ask? He just delivered a blockbuster hit called Dangal and earned rs.724 crore worldwide of which rs.375crore was from India( wow! Great job in boycotting him India)

Before this, there were a few comments made by Shah rukh khan about the same intolerance issue which did not receive much outrage from the people (may be that is the reason Raees wasn’t a big hit).

To top it all, anyone makes any comment on a why a certain thing is happening in our country, (my most favourite response) “where were you when cprf jawans were being killed at the border.”

“Why wasn’t any action taken against the goons who went and destroyed Mr. Bhansali’s Padmavati set?” “Where were you when our jawans were being killed at the border?”

“I condemn the killing of innocent people by these so called gaurakshaks.” “why didn’t you say something when our jawans were killed?”

“Why hasn’t my food been served yet?” “You know jawans…” SHUT UP!

Yes, the solution to one problem is by raising another problem which has no solution. Bravo!

Don’t even get me started on what the responses one receives when you pass a negative comment on the Prime Minister of India (anti-national, gadhaar, pakistaniiiii).

My point being, the “tolerant”, “national”, and “rich” Indians should take a back seat, relax a bit, smoke a joint and let things go once in a while. Because outraging on facebook and twitter doesn’t do us any good but just earn money for those arrongant rich Americans (as you like to call them).

Common India! Why so serious? Let us put a smile on that face, shall we?

By Sharvaani mantha.


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