Woman- Neglected Creation By God

Posted by Monika Vijay Verma
April 26, 2017

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Woman- Creation of God

All we all know, that God has created all of us whether Boys or Girls.

We all are here on this earth with the grace of God still there is a difference created by our society.


Have you even thought of it? Have you ever imagined the feelings of every woman around you?

I guess, not yet!

Well, may I know why boys respect their mother only?? Why not sister, wife, sister-in-law, girlfriends n all???

Even after knowing that woman are all same at some ages. Even their mom was someone’s daughter, sister… Not only men, but today’s society is having the same thinking even the ladies think the same without looking into a mirror.

Why our society is going on suffering from blindness even after a lot of education facilities??

There are so many questions rising day by day.. but, the answers are still out of reach. You know Why?? Because, there is no one left around with a educated thinking who can answer to these questions.

Kindly concentrate on my words..

This is for our so called “Educated” society…

Truely speaking it is useless to tell you anything because you will remain the whether watever the condition may be.

Woman are very precious- Respect them!!

As i have given the heading Woman are very precious-Respect them!!

You know what, this is not only words, it is the truth which we all should accept and respect. What you people think? You get boys from heaven?? No!! Please change your thinking and see the practical life. Woman are those beautiful creation, who gives birth to both boys and girls.

Well, you can say that woman are the live God created by God and the difference is only that we can see the live God in woman around us and the stone made God’s can’t be seen. Accept it or deny it, its on you. But, truth will never change.

Problems never ending from Woman

Very true!!

You know what they are really a form of God who have been created to solve various problems in their day to day life. They are never having weekends. They work full time 365days, whether they are well or not, hardly matters. They never get holiday.

In every women life, there are a lot of problem, whether its personal or professional. We can see the statistics of depression between men and women which shows that women are more into depression problems than men.

Have you ever thought of it??


Honestly speaking, women are into depression more because they think about other’s happiness. They care for everything and everyone they are closer with. They do not bother about themselves(exceptions are there).

Woman- Pride of our Nation

Today, India is a very developed country.

Still, we all know woman here are not so developed because of thinking of the society they are surrounded with.

We can see today, there are a lot of women, who has reached upto a very high level whether we talk about in any business, sports, engineer, doctors and so on.

Just image about women.. They are just super and multi talented creation of God. They can do anything whether its household works or any professional work. They are perfect in every respect.

As of my personal experience, I have seen many people who are to God for son. Its bad. We must come out of this narrow thinking because not only boys but even women can do better in every field. They can perform even better than boys.

I only want to say never see women as a low category. Please respect them and accept the reality that your son comes from the women itself. So, respect every women around.

I hope that the day will come, when every women and men will pray to God for getting beautiful daughter.





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