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April 7, 2017

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Simultaneous Attack and Defense

Wing Chun based Self Defense for Women
Wing Chun Self Defense
Fight like a woman
Self Defense for Women cabbies


Today we are living in a democratic civilized society where we have law making & law enforcement agencies and we all rely on them to provide us the protection from   the antisocial acts. But no matter how fast they are or effective they are, they cannot provide us full time security, hence should any unfortunate event occurs the onus to save ourselves or our loved ones lies completely on us.

To protect ourselves from such unfortunate events it’s helpful to have some knowledge of self defense. While there are different martial arts available in the market, not every art may turn out to the best art for you as a woman. Most martial arts require one to condition one’s body with strenuous exercises which might not always be possible for busy working woman.  Neither can a woman use high kick while wearing formals in high heels or while wearing a saree in case of women. Also most of the instances of teasing occur in crowded bus or train, or congested place where you can even stand properly. Such confined places restrict one from using longer movements like round house punches.


Why follow the standards created for men?

All martial arts were born out of wars and furnished in battle environments. 99% of all the martial arts available today were created by and for men. Hence most of them rely on either becoming stronger & tougher than ones opponent or develop combat skills suited for a male mind or body. A women’s mental, emotional and physical make-up is different than her male counterpart while being uniquely gifted in its own way. Often women who are keen to equip themselves with self defense skills have to mould themselves in the standards created for men rather than finding what works best for their persona.


Martial art made by and for women?

Wouldn’t it be great to get fit while learning a form of self-defense based on technique rather than brute force?  How about learning a martial art which is not only perfect for women but also founded by one? Would you like to learn a martial art which is so good that it was practiced by Bruce Lee? Then read on.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is said to be the only martial art founded by a woman – a legendary martial nun and takes its name from its first student who also happens to be a women named “Yim Wing Chun”.   Deceptively simple but highly effective, Wing Chun in Chinese literally means ‘beautiful springtime’ or ‘everlasting spring’. Instead of mimicking the animal movements, as with other styles of Kung Fu, Wing Chun focuses on the concepts of directness, simplicity, conservation of energy and never fighting force against force.

One should be mindful that there is always a difference between men and women. All things being equal, a man will generally hold a physical advantage over a woman. As a woman, one must always be aware of one’s limitations & strengths and use them all to her advantage. Wing Chun doesn’t focus on the physical strength of the student, but on knowledge of the ‘power angles’ and footwork skills that are the foundation of this martial art. The physics behind these movements are why they are so effective and the student gets a clear understanding of how they work when putting them into action during training.


“Hitting some is easy, not getting hit is hard”


Most men who attack women don’ usually want to grab and control them rather than fight with them. This means that their attackers have to try and get close to them leading to a close combat situation where Wing Chun works best. Wing Chun focuses on simultaneous attack and defense, which means that one hand is doing two things at the same time, i.e. attacking and defending. Nature has equipped woman the skill of multitasking, which is evidently seen in Wing Chun where every move is executed with two hands doing separate motions of attack and defense. Important basics in Wing Chun are economy of movement, center line theory and triangulation.


Key Highlights of Wing Chun

  • Created by a Chinese Buddhist nun – for weaker and smaller frame people
  • Simultaneous attack & defense – saves time & effort by being one step ahead
  • Effective & efficient – maximum output from minimum effort
  • Relies on superiority of technique & skill rather than brute strength
  • Universally Applicable – not dependent on strength, gender or age
  • Quick to learn – surprisingly simple & easy to learn in a very short time


Why Wing Chun is ideal for today’s woman?

  • How not to get hurt – Wing Chun emphasizes on self-protection while responding to assaults
  • How to create an exit window or thinking time
  • Quick & effective response: simultaneous attack & defense
  • Body mechanics for generating power rather than brute strength
  • Speedy and timely response using right positioning
  • Simple moves rather than complicated, acrobatic or wrestling moves
  • Designed especially for smaller frame bodies – no high kicks
  • Ideal for self-defense in confined spaces – like lifts or street corners


Where can I learn Wing Chun in India?

Founded on the principles of giving back to the society “India Wing Chun Academy (IWCA)” is powered by Swarakshan Trust (a registered NGO). Traditionally trained under the direct tutelage of the last disciple of grand master IP MAAN the guru of legendary Bruce Lee, the IWCA team gets authentic and undiluted secrets of Wing Chun straight from the heart of Hong Kong.

Headquartered in Mumbai, IWCA has been actively reaching out to women with their awareness & training modules which are tailor made for today’s working men & woman. IWCA training centers in Mumbai and Delhi have instructors who are highly educated and skilled in Wing Chun catering to the self defense needs of office goers & college students, while understanding their limitations in terms on time availability and speed of learning. The atmosphere is co-operative rather than competing since the enemy to be conquered not outside but within one’s own self.

As social responsibility the NGO also reaches out to hundreds of working women across Corporates & NGOs via their “Women’s Self Defense Workshops. Their highly interactive curriculum covers the psychological aspects of a typical self-defense scenario, become familiar with possible dangerous situations and master the most effective & efficient solutions from a woman’s perspective. IWCA has so far trained hundreds of women employees in corporates like Bank of Baroda, Tata Docomo , Aegis BPO , Reliance Energy Mgmt Institute, Reliance Securities & Johnson Controls etc. Working closely with women empowering NGOs like YMCA Mumbai (Young Men’s Christian Association), YWCA Mumbai, Stree Shakti Kendra , Priyadarshini Cabs the IWCA team has taken “Self Defense skills  to the women who needs them the most.  Educational institutes like JNU (Delhi) & Xavier’s B-Ed Teacher’s Training Institute have also joined the league by associating with IWCA to train their female students.


How you can be a part of giving back to the society with IWCA?

Before helping other, help yourself: Equip yourself with the self defense skills based on the art created by a woman. IWCA’s special 8 session’s program for women is the busy woman’s alternative to be a self defense capable woman.

Spread the message: If you are an NGO or a corporate employee you can help the IWCA team to reach out and equip your women colleagues or employees in the art of “Self Defense”.

In the own words of Swarakshan Trust team – “We want to actively create a safer future for the society, not by creating fighters but self reliant & self protection capable individuals”.


Sifu Shiv


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