Yes We Are Intolerant & Poor !!!!

Posted by Iqbal Ahmed Khan
April 25, 2017

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If we control, we are tolerant, but if we speak out means we are intolerant, few days back we were ready to uninstall snapshot, just because of Evan Spiegel statements as India is a poor country, try to understand the statement was made in 2015 on board even not in public, because Evan was not ready to launch snapshot in India, just because of the number of users of smartphones was not higher than expected.


but what if the statement was really made by him in public???

It will be not wrong, I really believe that India is poor country from economically and mentality !!!

more than 100 crores of population are still under BPL, you can find out this report on Times of India and even government sites , only 1% of population is rich & wealthy, still we have Asia’s largest slum in Maharashtra, and we are not ready to accept that “We are poor country” why ??? because we are intolerant.

We are also intolerant by mentality!!!

If women want to be safe then must dress with modesty or you will be raped.

still we are talking about Mandir & Masjid and Azaan & loudspeaker .

Are we not poor from mentality, but we are not ready to accept the reality of our current situation, we are ready to serve Pakistani visa but not to see the dirty politics of our country.

Yes I Iqbal Ahmed Khan believe “We are intolerant & Poor”

Thanking you

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