You Win

Posted by Tejas Ajay Joshi
April 27, 2017


You win. Yes, you read that right. Everyone who personally knows me or is aware of my political opinions will understand what I am trying to say. Hey, all of you saffron revolutionaries – you win!

The India Against Corruption movement saw a number of individuals coming into the limelight becoming household names. The most prominent being, perhaps, one Arvind Kejriwal. The same guy who’s being mocked today by the majority of Indians. Now that AAP has lost the MCD elections to BJP by an astoundingly large margin, I just want to ask – “where did things go wrong?

Firstly, I don’t think Kejriwal should have joined politics. I honestly don’t think he’s the right guy to be in politics. A look at his early life makes this clear:

  • He isn’t a politician by birth.
  • He wasn’t born to a family bearing the surname ‘Gandhi’.
  • He was never a part of any sanghs that could propel his political career.

So, hold on! How can a guy with no political background be sitting in the chair of Chief Minister of Delhi? He should not be there. He doesn’t deserve to be there. A mechanical engineer from IIT isn’t quite educated enough to join politics. Oh, sure, he was in the IT department. But no government officer can dream of actually running the government himself. He is a servant.

What? He’s the guy who helped to bring the Right to Information Act to India? You’ve got to be kidding me. So what? It doesn’t make him politically eligible. He runs an NGO that helps poor people escape the quagmire of corruption imposed on them by the government? No, that doesn’t make him honest. Not in the least. So what if he has won the Ramon Magsaysay award for his work? So what if even our Prime Minister doesn’t have the award? These petty things don’t make him any good. We don’t want him running the government. Why?

Because he is one of us. He is the archetypal ‘common man’. He is someone who should go to the office, work his ass off, and return home frustrated. He is not someone who can be the Chief Minister! How can he do any good for us? He can’t. 

Hey you! The one who called him by names. Do you have a little bit of idea what it takes to go to an IIT?? Okay, let’s consider you are sane enough to know that. Why would you like to miss on filthy rich packages of MNCs after passing out from an IIT and rather go for civil services?? Of course you won’t do that. You will take the next flight to US and settle down there. Let’s say you chose the latter option and joined civil services. You see, lots of bribe coming in right? Exactly. Why would you leave such job for the sake of your countrymen??? Who the hell cares about country, man??? Our bank accounts are filled every month with cash and that’s what we all want. Where does country comes from into all this??

But what if a guy who after getting out from an IIT joins civil services to latter quit them to expose the corruption in the system for the sake of our country? Of course we don’t like it. He is one of us. How could he think of doing something we never thought of doing? How can he think of country first?

Because he is a chutiya. Like you all called him. AAP is losing it’s ground. True. It should. For a party that consists of a well educated and honest people who have left their heavyly paid jobs for the sake of people of their country, they should lose. They should go back to their houses. They should shut this fucking party up. Because they don’t deserve this. They don’t deserve 67-3 majority. And how the fuck they have provided free water, cheap electricity, good schools, mohalla clinics? These are people amongst us. These are fucking middle class 9-5 office goers. How can they do all this for us? They can’t be fucking saints, man.

AAP is not a political party. It’s a tragic effort, that has went totally wrong. It’s the propoganda you and I have never tried to understand and the moment we understand them, they would have been gone and dusted. They won’t exist. Because hey! They are losing. They don’t have money. And oh yes, they all are chutiyas.

Congratulations, man! You win. And I am sorry for debating with you every single time. Saffron is my new color. Because well, I have to live in this country. Oh no no, I won’t ask you about black money, Hinduism being forced on people, cow controversy, anti Romeo squad, moral policing, killings over beef, statues of worth crores, VYAPAM scam, Chikki scam, Jaitley’s DDCA scam, Gadkari’s transportation scam. No no no. Man, I won’t ask all that. I am entitled to see this and keep my mouth shut. Because the party I thought would be a revolution to our country is dumped down by the people. And I understand. Sometimes not everything that you want is meant to happen. AAP is dying, and slowly all my hopes too. You must be happy. After today, there won’t be any debates. I won’t oppose you. I am going to support every step that government has taken. Because we don’t live in a secular country. We live in a Hindu country. Fuck constitution!!

You win. You win, man. Kudos! 🙂

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