Posted by Ajat Singh
April 7, 2017

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Psyche of today’s youth and Improper Education.



The students of our country today indulge in debates over Hindu/Muslims and try to find their path of wisdom and intellect in it. Country needs more University, Colleges and schools today,

Students scoring less than 90% are tagged uncapable and are forced to study in worthless private colleges in Noida, Gurgaon or Punjab or anywhere in the country ,Which are charging lacs of fees. Government colleges are kept out of the reach for such students.

Young minds Today is not concerned about thier studies and acedamics instead they just fantasize about thier spiked hairstyle and find themselves ‘COOL’. Today’s youth seems like a byproduct of a 2nd class TV serial.

They are not accepting the reality or not even looking at it , A magazines cover story is enough to pollute there mind. Good youths are also there but they are distracted and confused that weather to follow which Party all are same, whether to watch which media channels all are Bloody same.

One by one fees and spendings on colleges and education is increasing drastically, It is said that students will get loan for that,  Students from prosperous and higher class families are generally against the poor and less ‘COOl’ students, Which is even getting Worse these bunch of students will never ask the government as to why they cannot have a university which is Cheap and also Premier at the same time.

When there are no more Jobs, When there are no good salary in jobs then what is the point paying lacs of fees in the name of Quality education.

In America Berny Sanders also raised the same question but then whole media blocked him and made fun of him also because he was not as Fancy as Trump or Clinton.

Youth does not need to follow anyone in power at any point to progress or to make a difference They just need to QUESTION .


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