10 things every employer forgets about the interns

Posted by Sayantan Ghosh
May 25, 2017

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I have done internships with five “top” media houses in India but, still unemployed. The first thing an intern must realize that there is no guaranty that you will get a job after the internship.

In my experience, I have met many people in the time of my internships and understood some facts. Here are 10 things every employer forgets about the interns.

1) Dealing interns as machines

Most of the employees think that the interns are machines because they are here to prove themselves. Put as many work to them, they will try to do. This is a wrong attitude and it breaks the person from within.

2) Everyone needs appreciation

If you are an intern and you have heard an appreciation will be something to remember. Employees and the seniors will never appreciate a single thing you have done right. If you have done something good they will avoid that part. But employees should remember one simple appreciation can work as a magic.

3) Your frustration is yours do not abuse interns

Abusing interns is the most popular thing in India. In my experience I have rarely met a boss who doesn’t talk with an F word or MC, BC. They will abuse you to release their frustration.

4) Interns do not know everything

You have to accept that interns are there to know the work and they do not know everything. Its ok if you cannot teach them but do not always make them feel that they are a “piece of shit.”

5) Interns are not your employees

Interns mostly work for free. You do not even pay for some food or share the pizza you buy for your team mates. Interns work for you without anything. You should try to empathize with them.

6) Interns are vulnerable, do not take advantage

I know a person who is an employee of a big media brand. He used to take out all his lady interns for dinner or party and used to date them. They could not protest because it was the time of internship and he was the immediate boss.

7) Do not bully your interns

Interns are learning. They can make mistakes. I have had a senior who used to show single mistake of mine to all the employees and seniors. They used to look at me and laugh all the time.

8) Discrimination against interns are painful

Most employers discriminate against interns for the way they talk, the kind of dress they wear, their language and everything. We think discrimination in only in the bigger society but that’s not true.

9) If you are sadist then do not target interns

I have experienced that employees get immense pleasure to talk shit about an intern infront of him or her. By this they get a sadistic pleasure. They will insult you to the top so that you cry and fold your hand.

10) Earn respect do not ask for it

If an intern is not calling you sir or ma’am thats ok. I have met people who asked me to call them sir or ma’am. It is ridiculous but true.

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