5 Mysteries Around Uzma Ahmed That Remains Unsolved!

Posted by Deepti Verma
May 28, 2017

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Uzma Ahmed is finally back in India, safe and sound. Credits to our firebrand External Minister Sushma Swaraj who through her work and gesture ensure that all Indians even outside the boundaries are safeguarded under the umbrella of Indian High Commission.

In Uzma’s press conference, she expressed her gratitude towards India and shared with us the turmoil that she faced in Pakistan. Her story is sad, very sad. However, there are various mysteries in that, which remains unsolved. Here, I’ll highlight some of them:

Her Whatsapp Message to Tahir Ali

While, Uzma maintains that she had no idea about Tahir’s first marriage and four children, her Whatsapp message to Tahir narrates a different story.

In the whatsapp message she tells Tahir not to reveal about his marriage and children to her brother. In addition, she tells him to lie about his educational qualification. This whatsapp message in a way shows that she already knew about Tahir’s earlier marriage.

The Nikaah Video

While Uzma Ahmed has alleged that she was married at gunpoint, there is a video surfacing in Pakistani media that shows no such pressure.

In the video, Tahir Ali can be seen sitting alongside Uzma with a moulvi and three witnesses. There are no signs of intimidation or any sort of violence which contradicts Uzma’s statement that she was forced into marriage at gunpoint.

She Calls Buner a Strange Place With Strange People But Her Visa States Her Visiting Destination as Buner

Uzma Ahmed herself narrated that she came to Pakistan for vacation and to meet Tahir Ali but had no intention to marry him. However, her Visa clearly states that her visiting place was Buner for which her sponsor was Tahir’s father. So, she was well aware that she was going to Buner.

Now that she tells us to google search the place to find the reality of it. We are sure she already knew how dangerous it is. Also, a place in Pakistan that needs a sponsor as a guarantor in Visa definitely cannot be a safe place.

Her Statement in the Lahore Court About Her Daughter

In the court, Uzma mentioned how her daughter is suffering from Thalassemia and needed urgent help for which she should rush back to her side as soon as possible. This makes us wonder, if she knew that her daughter would need her because of her medical condition, then why did she plan her vacation in the first place even if it was only for 10 days? She has clearly stated that her purpose to visit Pakistan was ‘leisure’.

Her Thankless Attitude Towards People in Pakistan Who Helped Her

Uzma Ahmed thanked each and every person involved in her rescue at the Indian High Commission but she didn’t thank anybody from the Pakistani establishment, without which it was almost impossible for her to return to India. Instead, she called Pakistan a well of death.

While, even Sushma Swaraj praised Pakistan for its support, Uzma didn’t even thank her lawyer who fought for her like a father figure. This has given rise to several conspiracy theories around her.

I seriously think Uzma Ahmed should come out with her answers to clear these mysteries otherwise despite facing personal turmoils in another country, she’ll now become an objectionable person in her own country.

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