5 reasons why Sonu Nigam messed up by deleting his Twitter account

Posted by Sayantan Ghosh
May 25, 2017

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Singer Sonu Nigam has quit the microblogging site Twitter opposing the decision of suspending Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s account and asking Paresh Rawal to delete his tweet. Sonu has written 24 tweets explaining his stand.


Previously, Sonu took a hard line against threats on him. But this time he supported blindly the abuses, threats, patriarchy and violence. Here is the 10 reasons why Sonu Nigam messed up by deleting his account.

  1. Media was always biased:


Sonu clearly said in his tweets that media is biased. Like really? Media was always biased it is nothing new that media is divided now and previously it was united. So it should not become a reason after so many days of quitting twitter.

2. Gautam Gambhir as human shield Vs Arundhoti Roy as human shield: The speaker matters:

Gambhir, Roy, Kashmiris or anyone in this world should not be used as a human shield. But the problem Sonu overlooked here is the speaker. Some people writing something in twitter is different when an elected parliamentarian and public figure making a statement.

3. No word against fake news and the violence:

Paresh Rawal’s tweet was based on a fake news and Sonu clearly avoided that part. Putting a woman as a human shield is incitement of violence and also patriarchal. Sonu, who has been outspoken in various human rights issues has forgotten to say anything on this.

   4.Why Abhijeet and Paresh Rawal but not other abusers?

Yes, twitter has many abusers and steps should be taken against them. But the people mentioned here are public figures and aam admi follow them, worship them too. When Sonu protested against threats on him by the Imam, it was important because he was a public figure. We should understand the responsibilities of a public figure.

5.Why not to delete Shehla’s accout?

Sonu said that Shehla’s statement was provocative. But she quoted a news and she talked about news which were published in newspapers. Sonu, should have moved against these news organization. Abhijeet’s tweet was based on a rumor and there he failed to substantiate his claim, which makes him an abuser.

Following these reasons you will understand that Sonu Nigam’s stand in this situation was faulty. Through tweets he has just supported the abusing culture and the patriarchy of these public figures.

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