5 things to keep in mind after you get your class 12th Board results.

Posted by Yatmanyu Rawat
May 24, 2017

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Hello there. If you’re a student awaiting your 12th board result, I feel you. I don’t exactly know how to define this feeling of finally getting close to the announcement of your board results but it’s somewhat like a salad of anixety, coupled with a few chunks of fear and garnished with insomnia. Plus, board results are hyped anyway. Anyways, I’m here to give you five small tips that’ll help you in various ways after you get your class 12th results.

1) Don’t compare your marks: One of the first things students do after getting their marks is to compare. If you aren’t an exception like Sarthak Aggarwal scoring a whopping 99.6%, there’s always gonna be someone who’ll score more than you or less than you. Comparison of marks is not only useless, it gives you or if the other person has scored less, then him/her, unnecessary pressure. It is useless because there are alot of factors contributing to you both getting different marks. So there’s no point in unnecessary comparisons. So give yourself some space.

2) It’s fine if you scored less than your expectation: If you scored more than what you expected, then I only have one word for you, HALLELUJAH. Though, if you end up scoring less than your expectation, it’s fine too. Shit happens. You don’t have to scrutinize yourself, education system or anyone. You got what you worked for and you should accept that with head held high. Plus, they’re boards for god’s sake. Anything can happen.

3) Don’t freak out over whether you’ll get admission or not: I can tell you from personal experience that the chances of you ending up in a good college, or even an average college are too damn high. I’ve seen people scoring 98% crib over the fear of not getting into a good college and people scoring 70% getting into good colleges. So no matter what happens, you won’t find yourself without a college. If you do, well, tough luck.

4) It’s not the end of the world: Many cases are seen after the results of students committing suicides , falling prey to depression, feeling anxious and tensed etc. You need to remind yourself, that whatever you may score, it’s not the end of the world. Their are countless more challenges in life and board result is just a little part of it. Board result doesn’t determine how successful you’ll be in life, nor does it determines your potential. So there’s no need to take it so harshly and even if you fall prey to it, seek immediate help from your parents, family, friends as well as professional help should be taken.

5) Eventually everything will fall into place: Having experienced all of this, I can assure you that soon everything will fall into place. All this chaos, anxiety, admission procedure, all of this will be done so fast and with such a flow that you’ll be amazed as to how everything fell into place. This chaos is a part of life and sooner or later everyone has to face it. So take it like a champ, keep your calm and enjoy life.

On a side note, college life isn’t easy.

Peace out. 

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