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5 Tips to get into corporate jobs in India after college graduation

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May 19, 2017

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Despite the economic growth that India is witnessing, getting a corporate job just after graduation is still a difficult task to accomplish. Most of the graduates are not ready for a job. About 68% companies agree that fresh graduate students are not industry ready. So they generally are reluctant to hire freshers. Feeling demotivated? Well, you should not. By following the tips mentioned below, you can turn the tide in your favour.

Take some time to reflect on the kind of job you want.

There are so many jobs out there. They may even be relevant to your field of study. But they may not align with your life goals or skill set. Do a thorough introspection and find out what kind of job interests you. For example, if you are someone who loves travelling, then perhaps a job that comes with a lot of traveling involved is better suited for you. If you are interested in computer programming, then a job that requires coding skills will be a good choice.

Prepare a relevant CV

Curriculum vitae (CV) or resume is the first impression an employer has of you. You need to make sure you give a good impression. It is advisable to try and get your resume prepared by a professional. Many companies will help you prepare a stellar resume which will give you an edge over others when you’re looking for a job. It is also important that your CV or resume is relevant to the industry you are applying to. For example, if you are applying for a software job, your CV should list your skills in coding in various languages.

Developing soft skills

The most important step is developing your soft skills. Despite being dedicated and motivated, you may still lose out on a job if you have poor soft skills. So try and develop your soft skills, as a globalised world needs people with very good communication skills.

Be creative. Be a smart professional.

Gone are the days of only working hard. No one wants employees who work very hard but don’t have anything to show for it. Big corporations and startups need creative and smart workers who can think on their feet and can wear many hats. Learning on the job is also a very sought after skill these days.


Networking is a very important step in getting a corporate job. Try to get in touch with the alumni of your college or with friends and relatives who work where you want to. They can help you get a recommendation. Also, you will get to know what to expect while you are working for the company. Recommendations from a known source can get you an interview which you can turn into a successful attempt. So keep networking.

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