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May 31, 2017

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Hollywood or Bollywood both are integral parts of our life. We end up discussing the movies or the actors after each visit to the theater. However, our analysis of movie is not an in-depth discussion of the movie. We discuss the movie superficially.

Essaysharkapp.com provides you tips on how to write a film analysis essay. We are here discussing the cinematic techniques for a better essay:


1] Genre: This refers to a type of film or a particular subject about which the film has been made. If you have enjoyed one such movie, it could be claimed that you have seen many such movie. Some spheres of movies are, horror, detective, adventurous etc.


2] Literary terms: In your literature classes also you be asked to analyze a film. This would imply that you have to critique the film as a literary device. Movies like Jungle book and the scenes of jungle or Bahubali where the scenes and culture are bigger than the story or movies that have actors bigger than the movie or script or Sachin where passion is at its sky-high level.


3] All about the music: The peppy music or the soft beautiful love song or the rap song all the songs find a place in our heart. Who can forget the epic song of “Sound of music” or the theme song of those ‘”Jungle book” movie? They enter our heart straightaway and we sing them all day long. This implies what is the contribution of music in the movies. Even before the movie goes on the screen there are events or parties just to launch its songs and music. This creates a buzz for the film and also creates an audience for the film. Even the title track or background score catches the tap of our feet. It is wide field to analyze a movie and write critique of the movie based on its music.


4] Point of view: The story is narrated from a particular view point. Either it is from the viewpoint of the characters of the movie or person related to the characters of the movie or just from the view point of an outsider who observes the whole scene. The chosen view point alters the whole pattern of presentation of the movie. Example if a love story is from the view point of lovers it is about the love and feelings, but if from the views of parents it could be about kids not listening to their parents.


5] Shots: It refers to series of frames that make a scene or portray an emotion or create a plot. The shot could be small, zoomed or big lavish shot that gets bigger than the whole film.


6] Lighting: It is not the most important part of the film but it definitely plays an integral role in creating the plot. Example a horror film needs to have dim and dark lights whereas a comedy film needs to have bright lights.

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