7 Useful Tools for Bloggers and Online Content Creators

Posted by Alicia Honeycutt
May 23, 2017

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What are your chances of being seen amidst the billions of contents inside the World Wide Web? There are strategies on how to float in an immense ocean of information. The knowledge you have to share, no matter how important, will be useless if nobody sees it.

Maybe you are exerting more effort than you have to by not using available tools. Make the best out of your struggles and make sure your ideas reach those who need it. Take advantage of the following tools to make your job as a blogger or content creator worthwhile.

  1. Evernote

Ideas are the assets of writers. Great contents start off as small ideas. Unfortunately, light bulb moments don’t always happen at your convenient place or time. They happen anytime and anywhere. Evernote allows you to capture these inklings so they don’t get wasted.

This application allows you to capture and retrieve information every time you need it. You can also use it as a reminder of tasks on hand. It also lets you share pictures, caricatures or doodles with anyone.

  1. Coffitivity

What you hear while you are working directly affects the quality and quantity of your work. Sounds have the capacity to increase your concentration, speed and brainpower. Ambient sounds boost creativity; being minimally distracted while working sparks your imagination.

Coffitivity was founded by individuals who just wanted to improve their work outputs and they want to share it with you. You have options of coffee shop chatters all over the world to choose from. This site may sound crazy but it is backed up by research. But there is no better way to prove its effectivity than to try it!

You can open their website from your PC or install it in your android; so you have a handy helper when you need a little spark of creativity.

  1. Topaussiwriters

It is the partner of bloggers and online content creators in generating articles with great quality. Even the best writers commit errors. It is best to ask for help to make sure your content will be as great as it can be. It helps to have someone to look at your content from a different perspective.  This website allows you to be confident with your content for the whole world to see.

  1. Pocket

Have you ever wished there is a pocket for the information you see? Somewhere you can safely keep anytime and recover easily? The pocket app does that for you.

Pocket allows you to easily store images, information, videos from your web search, email and from over a thousand of applications anytime. You can get it back from your “pocket” with no trouble even without internet. Because it lets you fit all kinds of data in just one place, you don’t need to search all over your PC or android to find the files you need.

  1. Word Counter

Word counter is a useful tool for every writer who wants to make use of time efficiently and effectively. Word count is a vital factor in creating any article within the web. You can use this website to count the number of words and characters by simply copy-pasting the document into the website.

Aside from word counting, it also reveals the 10 most used keywords and its density. This is a hassle-free way to find out the keywords used most frequently and its percentage. It will keep you from overly repeating some words and lets you properly distribute the keywords.

A number of sentences, paragraphs, unique words, syllables and average word length can also be shown. You have the choice to turn these options on or off. Reading and speaking time can also be shown as you wish.

  1. Correctica

Correctica saves you from the embarrassment of publishing erratic contents online. Articles with grammar errors place your reputation at risk; especially now that everyone is an unforgiving grammar Nazi. This tool corrects spelling and grammatical errors which can be overlooked by human eyes.

Correctica also recognizes improperly used idioms. This kind of mistake is perceived by SEO so it can do damage to your search engine standing. Hiring a person to correct the errors for you can be less accurate, slower and more expensive than this app.

  1. Trello

Being organized is a trait a writer must possess to be able to be truly successful. Trello is a tool which makes organizing easier and more fun. You can create a board which can be used by you alone or together with your team.

It’s easier to collaborate with Trello since everyone can put up cards on one board and everyone can see the progress of the team at one glance. Changes made with the board can be instantly seen. The app also enables you to make comments.

The world for bloggers and content writers is constantly changing. It pays to remain updated and to take advantage of tools. The seven devices mentioned above do not only make your work stress-free, it also makes it more enjoyable.

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