A Letter To A Nation Which Is In Love With ‘Puppets’

Posted by Priyadarshini Chitrangada in Society
May 6, 2017

To You,

Some people develop obsessions with certain words and like to implement this term in every sphere of their lives.

You remind me of those people. You keep boasting about our ‘culture’ which is so diverse that it cannot be described in just a few words. However, after careful observation and keeping my eyes and ears open, I have come to realise what you’re so obsessed about.

You love the concept of a ‘puppet’ – so much so that you have turned into a ‘puppet democracy’ with almost no opposition whatsoever, in the legislature. You provide ‘puppet-safety’ to women, and you are ‘puppet-progressive’ in nature. You are a nation which had a ‘puppet’ Prime Minister and has constitutionally made the President’s post the most powerful ‘puppet seat’ in the nation..

One of your states used a transgender woman as a ‘puppet’ to show how accepting our society is to the transgender community. But alas, she left her job because her colleagues and students wouldn’t accept her in their community, only to rejoin the same sphere. Moreover, giving one esteemed academic position to a single trans woman (and then stopping) doesn’t ensure anything for the Indian trans community.

In our nation, the Lok Sabha has become a mere ‘formality’ since the last elections. I say this because the Lok Sabha is in control of a party, which faces little or almost no opposition. Hence, there is almost no one to point out the faults of the government or to ensure that legislation is strictly supervised.

Spineless Opposition? (Photo by Sonu Mehta/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

You give us ‘puppet freedom of speech’, where university students are put behind bars for speaking about issues that need to be spoken about. You are a puppet magician’ as well who ensured that a student disappeared from his hostel room after a fight with the ABVP.

The fight is never between two religions. The fight is between tolerant factions and intolerant factions. But you are a ‘puppet secular’. This being the case, you have gone back to what the colonialists had taught you a few centuries ago – divide and rule.

The fact that Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) still exists is the biggest evidence of your ‘puppet-modern society’. ‘People cannot love who they want’ and ‘mandatory heterosexuality’ are things which you strictly believe. Stop treating your citizens like some parents treat their children. Let me explain – some parents believe that their children are not ready to know about sex, sexual liberties, sexual violence, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. On the other hand, I believe that’s it’s better to be informed on such topics by parents – rather than by the internet, which can harm children more than informing them.

An unequal battle still rages on! (Photo by Mohd Zakir/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Stop sanitising the reality – we’ve had enough of it!

Most importantly, I am a feminist. I am a feminist who believes that capital punishment simply pushes our country back to an age when barbaric punishments were acceptable – simply because human civilisation then hadn’t progressed so far as to think of alternatives to such punishments.

If the government and judiciary think that hanging four rapists will instil such fear in the oppressors that they will stop committing such crimes – then I would ask them to grow up. We women are real and so are our safety concerns. ‘Puppet safety’ doesn’t do anything for us.

Rather than hanging them, educate them so that they realise that rape is not equal to masculinity – and that it qualifies as nothing but a crime!