‘A … LONE’

Posted by ShrutiC.
May 22, 2017

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A pebble just lying to the road,everyone notices it but no one bothers about it.Pebble is just an ordinary being around us  where we know him but still ignorant to him.

Loneliness is just being a pebble on the path full of beings.Loneliness is concealing pain behind smile.Loneliness is loosing the sight of hope from world,when you give on it and feel suffocated.

“A lone” if we spilt this word A being lack of companions!Companionship blossoms out of friendship and love.T

The answer is simple loneliness phrase where friendship gets blur and love gets vague.

“LONELINESS IS HOPING FOR LUMINESCENCE IN A JET-BLACK SKY”My questions to the readers is do all of get to plant the tree of friendship and love?

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