A Threshold To The Endeavours Of A Small Town Girl

Posted by Divya Sharma
May 2, 2017

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Brief Intro

I am Divya Sharma, a visually challenged girl with 75% vision impairment. I am a content writer in a web development, SEO Company, an RJ in an Online Radio Station: Radio Udaan, motivational speaker and a guitarist.

A Peep into My Bumpy Ride of Qualification

When I was in class 8th, I was told to leave my school because of lack of awareness and facilities. No school in my area had the resources or knowledge to guide a student with low vision. At that time, it was certainly challenging to take a next step. Being in a small town Naya Nangal, it was not easy to dig ways for future. But here it is worth mentioning that my parents and family always stood by my side and encouraged me in my endeavours and decisions. Soon in class 10th I appeared as a private candidate in an exam for the first time and scored eighty percent marks. Since then, I appeared in all the examinations correspondently.  In my graduation, I had to type all my books in English because the HP College in our area did not have English medium books. And today, I have done Masters in English Literature from Panjab University. Similarly, I pursued degrees in vocal and instrumental (Guitar) as a hobby. I attained these degrees during the time of my graduation.

Learnt Technology

During my graduation and post-graduation, I worked hard on my technical skills. I learned about JAWS and other screen readers by myself.  From working effectively on computer/laptop to manage networking sites, posting blogs and writing for magazines, everything I did at my small town. My write ups got published voluntarily in magazines and I received best letter award from Hindustan Times (A Newspaper).

Radio Udaan

I have been working with Radio Udaan since its first day in 2014. At that time I was pursuing my studies but I spared time for this exciting and challenging endeavour. And it’s been three years that I have been working with this station.

Shimla Press Conference 2014

There is an NGO named Umang foundation that invited me for a press conference in Shimla. They wanted to spread a word in the state about the possibilities and technology advancements taking place. I told about my life and how I carry out all my deeds. The impact of that conference was such that many visually challenged students came up and enrolled themselves in educational institutions. Even the lay men got to know so much about this world of disability.

A Desire to Do Manifold things right from my Small Town

Once I completed my masters in English literature, I was adamant that I would do something right from my house. I got some job opportunities from different cities but i turned them all down because I wanted to do something right from my hometown.

It is not that I am afraid to relocate, it is just that I was to fulfil a promise I did to myself. When I saw myself suffering through so much because of lack of awareness in my city, I promised myself that I would do something from my town only. I will bring opportunities on the doorstep of my town; I will open up new avenues in my city and surrounding areas so as to ensure that disabled people never have to leave a school because of their disability.

Following my Passion

Today, I am a senior content writer in a SEO/Web Development company. This company is in Chandigarh and I work for them right from my house. My timings are from 9am to 6pm. Of course, I love my job no matter I have to do 6000 words a day. I like writing because it acquaints me with so many worlds. I write about technology, industries, marketing, fitness, branding, lifestyle, search engine optimization and what not!

Why I Chose to Work from Home?

My boss once asked me to join office physically and work from there if I was interested and he would provide the entire needed infrastructure. But I was adamant about working from home. It is just because I have put my finger in so many voluntary things dear to me.  Some of them are like:

  1. Sensitisation Sessions (An Initiative by Me)

I initiated these sessions in November 2015. In this endeavour, I carry out sessions in schools and educational institutions in my area so as to spread a word about disability and advancements. So far I have covered 5 schools! I carry my laptop along with me to give them a demonstration. I talk about the following things:

  • What is disability and how it is misinterpreted.
  • Detailed step-by-step information about screen readers/talking software. I give them a demo of how Screen readers work on our laptop and mobile.
  • I make sure to convey my message to them that people with disabilities don’t need words of sympathy but what is needed is inclusion. We all must include people of all communities. And if we help a person with disability, we should not hesitate to ask for a help from him. One should not have prejudice that a disabled person cannot help others.
  • A piece of information about Radio Udaan, an online radio station of its own kind. This station is run by visually challenged people belonging to different cities. Being an RJ and a part of this station, I tell them about our ways of working and broadcasts.
  1. Karate ( A Visually Challenged Girl can Do it)

I always wanted to learn karate but never got a chance to do so. But last year in March, I got to know about a coach near my town. I convinced her and my journey began. My purpose behind learning karate is to become physically strong. Moreover, so far I have attained yellow and orange belts in Karate and my goal is to get a black belt.  It would take another two years to get it but I am adamant about it. Here I would also like to teach visually challenged girls karate basics for free once I myself become a professional at it. Of course, the path is quite hard and challenging but I know I will do it!

  1. Radio Udaan

No matter how packed my schedule is, I am passionate about Radio Udaan. I have been working with this station since its beginning.  Currently I hold two shows related to English Vocabulary and Positivity. Through inspirational wings, I am trying my best to spread optimism in the lives of people. I feel people have massive potential but they lose or give up because of negativity. My other show Vocabulary Dose, an English learning show is to enhance the vocabulary of people. I believe people cannot express themselves unless they have plenty of words on their plate.

A Few Feathers in my Hat

  • Received NCPEDP MPHASIS UNIVERSAL DESIGN AWARD- 2016 from Sh. K P Gurjar, Hon’ble Central Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment.
  • Received PUNJAB STATE AWARD 2016 from Sh. Surjeet Kumar Jiani, Hon’ble Cabinet Minister, Punjab, for my contribution in the field of Disability.
  • Gave a motivational session in first international film festival for persons with Disabilities held in New Delhi in December 2015.


If I talk about present my routine goes like:

  • Morning begins with 5am to 7am Karate sessions. That means I wake up at 4:40am!
  • Office begins at around 9am and gets over at 6 and at times takes even longer! And yes I cook chapattis at noon during 40 to 45 minutes break.
  • I have two weekly radio shows. So, mostly I spend two to 3 hours in the evening for recording and editing.
  • At night, if time permits, I write for magazines, newspapers, voluntarily for friends and sometimes play guitar.
  • Finally the bed time begins mostly at 12 midnight or 12:30 am.

Now, if I take a job in another city, I would not be able to fulfil my commitments.


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