A unusual ride Of Delhi metro

Posted by Maahi Shefali Bakshi
May 11, 2017

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Everyone who is traveling or travels through bus, car, scooter or by a public transport has a memory to share, one of the story that changed my way of looking at things too.

A bright sunny day when I was coming back from office, I boarded metro with my friends. Usually all the departments are full because of the peak hours, but as we got holiday a little early, we got a train which is quite vacant.

along with my two girl friends, we stood near the poll and started talking, a usual conversation was going on when my friend pointed me towards a vacant seat, I happily sat down, thinking that finally in my life I got to sit on my journey.. again we were talking randomly when a uncle around the age of 50+ told my friend to sit near him, as delhi is like a rape capital of india where half of the girls don’t trust stangers look them as a RAPIST, MOLESTER, STALKER or what’s not. She refused saying that she is okay and ignored him, his sudden pledge regarding the same made us confused.

he then said you look like my daughter AARTI (with a broken voice) I don’t know what made her ask about her and she asked about where his daughter is? he simply replied “RAB DE KOL” (with god)

His sudden answer made us speech less, we were gathering our courage to speak with him, just 10 min ago we met a old men whom we were afraid to was now talking about his daughter who is no more. he showed her mobile number in his phone and started crying, he told us that he never thought that there will be a day when he cannot see his daughter again. And this compelled us to ask about her more but he wasn’t able to speak much then, his voice were breaking.. he was pouring his heart to three strangers whom he just met and one of them look alike his daughter.

he told us that the society thinks that he gone mad after her death, no one talks to him, he stays alone with his wife as his sons too left him because of his behavior.

And BOOM reality HITS me hard.

I wondered in which society we are living where we considered a old man mad as he was depressed after his daughter death?

I wondered how could his sons left him alone when he needs them the most?

A series of emotions were going through, haven’t realized I was crying then, along with my friends, people around us during the journey was confused looking at elderly men and three girls crying. yes he was depressed and do need someone to talk too but how many will realize? we are indulge in our problems that we forgot the basic to talking too.

Don’t leave your parents alone when they need us the most. 

p.s (unfortunately we don’t has his number, but I believe that we will meet again, who knows maybe through our unusual metro journey)

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