Acceptance of depression- Varalika Mishra

Posted by Varalika Mishra
May 16, 2017

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So it was after 23 years that I accepted my depression as a part of me. That day I vowed to challenge it through my own willpower. It was my inner calling that led me to  initiate something big in my life. I decided to take control; complete control of my life. As a youth, we all go through various hardships and often end up being silent about it. However, I decided to speak about it and face it head on. I accepted my depression as any other illness and prescribed medication to myself.

My medication included being positive in life by believing in my innate potential and power. I decided to forgive myself for all the tims I treated myself badly; emotionally, physically and spiritually. I became compassionate towards the people who hurt me. Hence I became kind! It was not that easy but I was keen to take responsibility of my life. I knew many people who were going through this phase so  I felt, I could be the change for so many other people. One needs to fight their inner weaknesses to be bold and strong. The world needs help through kindness and love. Not to forget Led Zepellin, “Way down inside, you need love. Whole lotta love.” The world runs on love, it is the action and not the words. Every individual deserves to be respected and valued for we are all crystallized pieces of energy. I am you and you are me. Let us all be in solidarity to fight the menace of mental illness.

Today I can proudly say, I have won over myself. I fought hard and finally accepted my being wholeheartedly. We all can be happy as we have the potential to expand our life state to the fullest.

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