An oath taken in silence

Posted by saumya bhatia
May 31, 2017

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Only yesterday a person was complaining against the mounting population of street dogs in our colony.Human beings just cannot get over the habit of carping.So ,this puckered face uncle gave one of his unsolicited advice,’Beti, he said,Don’t feed these dogs. It’s precarious to touch or love them as they belong to the streets,and,continued he,they just can’t be trusted’.I was about to blurt out a blatant response but something resisted me.I just gave a faded smile and continued feeding them.

After this,a lot of people started giving me advices-cum-warning about not to embrace dogs.Yet one day,all their grudges turned into reality. One rabbies-afflicted dog came and pierced the skin of every dog that came it’s way.And you know, rabies begets rabies.Slowly and gradually, deaths ensued. Every other day trenches were dug to bury the body of the deceased dog.Today,out of 23 dogs only 11 are left to perish.

I am a voracious dog lover.I endeavour to shower on dogs,the love and benevolence that others consider lousy. If dog population is increasing and people relentlessly complain about it,then they should introspect and check the skyrocketing growth of their own race.

It’s pretty easy to shoo away a dog,yet no one can decipher the underneath  pain of hatred and contempt-that these innocent souls  are always subject to.Folks!Stop your vilification and help ensuring a loving niche for these helpless creatures!

This is my oath taken in silence.

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