Are item girls human

Posted by Sejal Bhavsar
May 18, 2017

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Eventhough item songs in Indian cinema are often irrelevant to the storyline, they are highly welcomed by so called Indian cultured society as such performances are a cocktail of highly sexualised songs with slang and alluring lyrics portrayed by  dancing girls with revealing clothes and apparantlly their shaking body parts becomes the cynosure for the camera and viewers both.
It is not always that all hit songs are an amalgamation of virtuous lyrics and soulful music, as per today’s demand it must be catchy and entertaining in all the way that even girls dance on such songs due to its hit music without making sense of their words and double meaning .
Majority of such songs are a mixture of catchy music and derogatory lyrics especially to women.
( for instance …..Mumbai ki na Delhi valo ki pinky he paise valo ki….
Munny badman hui. ….
Me to kabse hu ready taiyar patale saiya miscall se. …
Item banake rakhle. …
Jangal me aj mangal karugi bhukhe shero se. ….)
Here not such words are silly and absurd to the whole gender of women but the name itself “item girl” is objectifying woman’s status as a living human being . It humiliates the dignity of woman as they are not objects as item .
In Indian society viewers are of varient forms different class,cast,educational background, region, religion and so not all men take such songs to listen, dance and forget but such words have a huge impact on their subconscious mind and often they may start thinking woman with more disclosing attires as an easyobject for sex or rape .
Paradoxically by looking at the success rate of item songs it is near to impossible to remove it from film industry, however it should be considered as a profession.
In a pertinent case like stripteasers in stripteas bars in western countries are considered as a professionals and bag equal respect for their acts in their profession. There is no relevance with their character or personal life .
People in India need to understand the meaning of word professionalism and should not generalise anything for any woman by their act, attire,profession .
Moreover,  slang and alluring words are not only harmful to women’s existence but the ” item girl “word itself humiliates women’s self worth and respect .due to “item” word she is more considered as an object rather as a human being.
As a quotidian young Indian woman, I expostualte “item girl” word as it is more hurtful to the whole gender (woman)
It should be displaced by “nautch girl”  – an entertainment in India consisting chiefly of dancing by professional dancing girls.
Dear all reader friends how much are you agree with this?
Kindly post your comments here ..

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