Are marks and grades a demeaning threat to education ?

Posted by faarya riham
May 30, 2017

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In this opinianted world which we have stepped into. There are a lot of reasons, a lot of substances , and a lot of context which involves while showcasing any form of opinions , response, result etc.

  1.     My question right here is , how many of us actually know what we are doing ? Or what we are going to do ? Living in society where eductaion , knowledge and curriculum is given so much of importance that the agenda behind giving knowledge to a person is completly lost on the grounds of competition. Have we ever looked at things , in a simple manner ?
  2. We as a generation have completely or almost have lost to have known the most basic thing education requires, which is thinking. We have lost the ability to think. We have just made education, and getting a degree as one of life’s fitness regime. Where it says if you do this much amount of squats , you will have the perfect legs to showcase. Well has anyone bothored to understand if the person is even wanting to do squats, and if he has enough stamina to do a certain amount or more or if he even wants to showcase or not ?
  3. No we are alll behind the fact “what will the society think?” It all comes back to that wretched thing called society. We as human beings, who are going to not exist after a certain point of time consider other’s existence in way of chosing our lifestyle.
  4. Its becoming more competition oriented than knowledge, students die living by  their parents expectations. And its not easy as from a parents side as well, they die pangs of death with the amount of loans and money they need for educating their child , presumably who is forced into something and made to have the guilt of the amount of Money spent.
  5. This leading to wastage of time of the student and the parent . When will we learn ? When will we grow up? Education is important , yes. But stop making it a game of grades. Grades do speak for the amount of work you put in , but grades dont work everywhere. There is something such as practical and logical thinking.
  6. Have we ever given a chance to make our child work during summers at a cafe or restraunt so that they could understand the practicality of life. Or tried different ways in which they can understand and know what they are to do with their lives. Have we even looked at them beyond what we see! We cannot do that ! How can we !! What will sharma ji think about our financial status , he might think we are so greedy that we make our child work, or that we have psychological issues to do such insane stuff.
  7. Yes, its all the sharma and gupta neighbours always targeted. But hey, isn’t that a true fact. Why do we not use our logical senses? Why do we always end up doing what others do?Why do we always want to play safe?
  8. Life is not a circumference, you can go off boundary sometimes to get into the right radius.
  9. It is very imporatant to underatand the essence of what is being said, and a change should be brought in. Even if it is small. A change is something of necessity.

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